Lincoln Continental Concept hints at 2016 full-size sedan

Concept Cars 30 Mar 2015
Lincoln Continental Concept hints at 2016 full-size sedan

At the upcoming 2015 New York Auto Show Lincoln will present the Continental Concept, a near-production prototype that previews a full-size model expected to go on sale in 2016.

The typical silhouette of full-size three-box sedans is combined with large chrome trims and a touch of dynamism given by the muscular rear shoulder and the large, polished-aluminum 21-inch wheels.

Lincoln Continental Concept

The front end design, characterized by the new centered chrome grille with a raised Lincoln badge surrounded by a pattern of polished aluminum Lincoln Star emblems, will mark the new face of the brand. The rear end features full-width tail lamps and a gently sloped trunk lid.

Lincoln Continental Concept

Based on the “quiet luxury” motto, the Lincoln Continental Concept and incorporates a number of distinctive technologies that are likely to appear in the company’s future models.

Lincoln Continental Concept

Among these are the E-Latch door handles that tuck in the vehicle beltline, the LED matrix headlamps with laser-assist high beams and SPD SmartGlass® tinting sunroof.

Lincoln Continental Concept

The door handle and opening technology allows to open the doors at the touch of a button positioned on the underside of the door handle wings and close quietly.

The luxurious interior features four individual seats with a patented 30-way adjusting system and an advanced audio system developed by Revel.

Lincoln Continental Concept Interior

Premium trims and materials include Venetian leather seat and door panels, Alcantara® seat inserts and armrests, satin headliner and shearling wool carpet, Rose Gold trim around the instrument cluster and Bright chrome trim on the instrument panel.

Lincoln Continental Concept Interior

The Continental Concept is powered by a 3.0-liter EcoBoost® engine. The body is painted in “Rhapsody Blue”, a metallic paint that calls back Lincoln Continental’s signature color.

“The Lincoln Continental name is associated with iconic beauty and elegance,” said David Woodhouse, Lincoln design director. “Capturing those qualities and building upon them drove us as we crafted this thoroughly modern sedan concept.”

Below we report additional details on the interior, from Lincoln’s press release.

Ambient lighting enhances the interior, creating a serene environment. Soft-gold LED lights glow from the center console and from the halo light overhead.

Patented 30-way Lincoln-designed seats use a new-to-market design that conforms to passengers’ sizes and shapes. The passenger-side rear seat can fully recline by moving the front passenger seat forward with the touch of a button.

From a panel mounted on the through-center console, rear passengers also can control climate settings and the Revel Ultima audio system, which allows passengers to select from three surround-sound modes: Stereo, Audience and On-Stage.

Rear-seat comfort is further highlighted by an SPD SmartGlass® tinting sunroof, which allows passengers to control heat from direct sunlight. With the touch of a button, the glass can cool the vehicle interior by as much as 18 degrees Fahrenheit, while blocking 99 percent of UV rays.

Rear-seat passengers also enjoy the convenience of a tablet-supporting lap tray that deploys from the through-center console. It also features a champagne storage compartment. Detachable, hand-crafted Venetian leather travel cases are mounted to the backside of the front seats.

(Source: Lincoln)

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  1. sketchbabu

    Bentley may not be happy with this.

  2. 16/4/2015

    Wow, this is the first thing in a long time that I’ve liked from Lincoln –outside of Matthew McConaughey 🙂

  3. glyphics1943

    Lincoln designers failed to move the bar much higher. The grille is too generic and too familiar. Don’t Jaguar, Volvo and Bentley have a variation of a rounded rectangle grille? Getting away from the split-wing grille is wise (although they should keep it for their SUVs and crossovers where it looks much better), but ignoring other distinct Lincoln heritage grilles for updates – such as their recent “waterfall in half-moon” for example – in favor of a cliche is unforgivable. Leaving themselves open to claims by Bentley that their design language was copied is plain stupid. Was that what they paid the designers for? I wonder if it is too late to hope that Lincoln can offer grille options the way Mercedes Benz does. Both of Mercedes’ options are legacy-based designs. Perhaps an aspiring luxury manufacturer like Lincoln might consider giving its customers grille choices.

    So much for the front end. At the rear, Lincoln’s designers missed the opportunity to place the license plate in the bumper where it belongs. License plates should not be a part of the design; just a necessary evil that should be relegated to official anonymity. Instead, the designers placed it rear-and-center.

    Other than the fact that the design necessarily reflects the unfortunate proportions of a large front-wheel-drive car, Ford should be credited for allowing Lincoln to debut the new large-car form. I can’t help thinking, however, that the old badge-engineering debate will resume when Ford introduces the next-generation Taurus.


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