Bentley EXP 10 Speed 6 Concept

Concept Cars 3 Mar 2015
Bentley EXP 10 Speed 6 Concept

Unveiled at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, the EXP 10 Speed 6 Concept is a two-seat sportscar that gives indications on the future direction of Bentley.

Combining a modern design with high quality craftsmanship techniques and modern technologies, the EXP 10 Speed 6 Concept represents the company’s vision for the future and – according to Wolfgang Dürheimer, chairman and chief executive of Bentley Motors – it “could be a future model line, alongside the Continental GT”.


The proportions and athletic stance are defined by the short front overhang, long hood, low grille and wide rear shape with a long C-pillar.


The design language adopts muscular surfaces inspired by the aerodynamic shapes of aircraft fuselages and wings, and includes contemporary interpretations of Bentley styling cues.



These include the iconic Bentley matrix grille and four-round headlamps as well as the paint colour – a deeper, richer and heavily metallic version of British Racing Green.

bentley-exp-10-speed-6-concept-headlight bentley-exp-10-speed-6-concept-tail-light

Copper elements are used as accents to both exterior and interior features to highlight the performance of the hybrid powertrain.

Among the innovative solutions are the grille mesh, exhausts, door handles and side vents, manufactured with 3D metal printing technology.

“The iconic Bentley mesh grille […] is no longer a flat plane of latticework but includes varying depth with a complex 3D geometry only visible when viewed at an angle. Bentley’s renowned quilted leather has inspired three dimensional texture to the precision glass of the headlamps.”

Interior Design


The inspiration for the interior comes from the continuous line that runs around the cabin, driving through the console and into two symmetrical wings before flowing into the door and looping back into the console armrest.


Two quilted sports seats are positioned either side of the narrow centre console which houses the driver controls and a 12” touch screen.


Detais include the classic Bentley knurled surface – a feature used throughout the controls of the car, which was created using steel and copper together to create a two-metal 3D texture.

Continuing the fusion of traditional materials and contemporary design statements, the doors of EXP 10 Speed 6 feature 3D quilting, milled directly in to solid straight-grain cherry wood. Each resulting diamond is finished with a copper center.

The center console integrates digital information with tactile controls via a curved touch screen housed in an aluminium frame.

The fascia instruments deploy from a flat position into the drivers view as the car is started using the floating “B” button integrated in to a non-symmetrical gear lever finished in aluminium, copper and cherry wood. A mechanical rev counter and digital display combine to provide the perfect balance of modern driver information and analogue beauty.

The rear interior space is divided into two compartments designed to house a specifically designed four-piece luggage set. Like the rest of the interior, the rear has been trimmed by the master craftsmen at Bentley in the highest quality Poltrona Frau leather.

(Source: Bentley)

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