Yamaha 01GEN Concept

Bike Design 11 Oct 2014
Yamaha 01GEN Concept

At the recent Intermot 2014 Yamaha has revealed the 01GEN, an all-terrain three-wheeler crossover vehicle that blends a flowing body design with a sturdy mechanical framework.

The 01GEN is defined by Yamaha as an on & off crossover, which refers to its manoeuvrability and ability to cross a variety of terrain, both on and off the road.

Yamaha 01GEN Concept

At the same time it also refers to the “on & off” nature of the rhythm generated by mood shifts when switching between the enjoyment of demanding riding, and liberated, relaxed riding.

Below we report the official design details and a teaser video.

From the official Press Release:

The 01GEN is a proposal for a personal vehicle that enables enjoyment of two modes in one chassis. The idea behind this concept involves surface information being transmitted to the rider from the two front wheels, with the rider conveying their intentions to the machine, and power being transmitted to the rear wheel as drive force.

Yamaha 01GEN Concept

The body line flowing through the 01GEN makes no distinction between front and back, and the seamless design that sees the outer surfaces overlap and interlace is a feature that suggests “on & off crossover”.

In addition, the body construction makes the most of light and shade, which highlights the powerful advance of the machine in synergy with the pitch of the rider’s moods.

A variety of themes are woven into the element “on & off crossover”: the upper half of the 01GEN reflects the exhilarating flow of on-road riding, while the lower half’s wheels feature a powerful and dynamic spoke shape that emphasizes the sense of power.

The colour scheme features a combination of blue and silver. Blue is used for the “backing” of the upper half, and the pale blue reflected in the silver surfaces projects a world of calm, refined riding.

On the lower half, the blue and silver on the wheels are sharply divided to strike a balance with the dynamic riding demanded by rough off-roading.

To make the most of the presence and volume of the two front wheels, the 01GEN’s body has a sexy profile, and gives a unique and attractive image that could not be achieved with a two-wheel vehicle.

By interweaving the flowing body with the mechanical framework, the 01GEN concept model expresses a new and attractive direction in multi-wheel vehicle design.

The name 01GEN is inspired by the two words ‘genesis’ and ‘generate’.

(Source: Yamaha)

Image Gallery

Yamaha 01GEN Concept - Image 1
Yamaha 01GEN Concept - Image 2
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