Peugeot Quartz Concept

Concept Cars 23 Sep 2014
Peugeot Quartz Concept

At the 2014 Paris Motor Show Peugeot will unveil the Quartz, a design study of a SUV combining an aggressive, sporty design with an original use of materials.

The Quartz Concept combines some elements borrowed from Peugeot’s high-performance models with a distincive use of unusual materials such as basalt and digitally woven textile, an idea derived from the Onyx Concept and – more recently – the Exalt.

Peugeot Quartz Concept

The full-hybrid plug-in drive train combines a combustion engine and two electric motors and delivers a total output of 500 hp.

Exterior Design

The aggressive exterior combines the body of an SUV with the cabin of a sedan. The stance is rather extreme, with a width of 2.06 meters and the large 305 mm tires.

Peugeot Quartz Concept

Gilles Vidal, Peugeot Style Director, commented: “Peugeot’s style strength lies in its prowess in tackling a sedan or hatchback just as effectively as a crossover to create the kind of stylish car that people would really love to own.”

The front end is characterized by a lighting system with LED units and lens-free headlamps that are enhanced by a light guide that emerges from the side of the body to divide the air flow.

Peugeot Quartz Concept

The long hood features by louvres that improve air intake. The lion logo stands in the centre of the grille, brought to life by a checked pattern that shifts depending on the angle of view.

In profile, the wedge-shaped lines are aimed at conveying the dynamic, while the 23-inch wheels sit inside generously rounded wheel arches.

The overhangs are extremely short to ensure that as much as possible of the 4.50 m body length is used for the vehicle’s occupants.

The electronically retractable step adds to a flank inspired by styles found in the textile industry, with fitted pleats fastening the material taut to the structure while lending volume to the wheel arches.

The upper section of the cabin gives the impression of a single block in which the various functions have been carved.

Peugeot Quartz Concept

The metallic arches encase and attach the polycarbonate windows to the body, enhanced by a sculpted body form that captures the light. They also add to the vehicle’s silhouette by lending a mineral look to the overall finish.

As it flows towards the rear wings, the glass roof moulds into two spoilers that further enhance the aerodynamic design.

These are aligned with the separator between the two Quartz finishes: mineral grey at the front—inspired by rock crystal—and matt black for the rear wings, offset by occasional splashes of red.

The Quartz’s efficiency is underscored by the precision of each feature and component. The spokes on the 23-inch alloys have been kept to the bare minimum made possible by the strength of the materials, and are covered by composite flaps.

In addition to their style, these flaps also optimise aerodynamic flow and cooling for the brakes, via the air intakes, to ensure improved heat resistance.

Matthias Hossann, Peugeot Quartz Style Manager, explains: “The PEUGEOT Quartz is a single block into which an SUV bottom and sedan upper have been seamlessly carved. Styling reflects the function of each part. The Quartz’s sculpted body and innovative materials pack a punch while ensuring efficiency.”

A new manufacturing process was used to remove the need for a central pillar and create scissor doors to enable easy access.

The Quartz is based on an EMP2 platform with a composite structure and bonded panels. In addition to weight savings, this solution offers excellent stiffness, which makes it possible to remove the structural support provided by the central pillar.

A retractable step adds to the comfort of all four passengers. Inside, a range of unexpected materials from both natural and recycled sources contribute to the sensory experience and create an impressive visual and tactile effect.

Interior Design

Peugeot Quartz Concept Interior Rendering

Sébastien Floutier, Peugeot Quartz Colour & Trim Designer, explains: “The Quartz has a contrasting interior and exterior. The cabin is designed to convey a sense of warmth through its sophistication and refinement. Yet the overall feel is undeniably sporty, with an i-Cockpit dedicated to the driver’s every need.”

The strength and lightness of basalt symbolises the Quartz itself and features strongly in the centre console. Basalt is formed when magma is quickly cooled once it comes in contact with the elements. It has the same properties the world over, making sourcing for target markets much easier. In this case, the basalt is left in its raw form to contrast with the other materials used.

Peugeot Quartz Concept Interior Rendering

The Quartz is the first-ever vehicle to feature digitally woven textile. This innovative process can create large and complex parts that can be used as soon as they come off the machine. No cutting is required, meaning there is no waste.

The textile is woven with polyester fibre obtained by recycling the kind of plastic used to make water bottles. The process can also produce parts of significant thickness, making them softer and reducing the need for the foam normally used.

To create a sportier feel, the floor pan, sides and roof are trimmed in black leather, with contact points such as seat cushions and backs trimmed in tawny leather. This fawn-coloured trim is sourced from old furniture and clothing.

To complete the look, the door frames are milled in a block of a composite material, with a red hue used to fill the grooves left by the machine. The resulting pattern of lines creates a sense of movement, which constantly changes the appearance.

A driver-dedicated i-Cockpit

Inside, each of the four passengers has a bucket seat providing optimal interior space. The seat structure is left exposed and features a four-point retractable harness, with floating cushions and backrests trimmed in tawny leather to ensure excellent comfort.

The driver’s seat has a solid wraparound fit to match the car’s high-end performance, with the PEUGEOT i-Cockpit keeping everything at the driver’s fingertips. The compact steering wheel with embedded controls is borrowed from competition models and offers the utmost efficiency, allowing the driver to use the indicators, change driving mode and shift gears with ease.

The head-up display provides a large, configurable screen with a central 45-degree polycarbonate strip to show additional information and create added depth.

The instrument panel is found on both sides of the small steering wheel and head-up display and is angled toward the driver to ensure easy access to the toggle switches. On activating one of these controls, the driver sees the information travel along the relevant optical fibre.

(Source: Peugeot)

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