Volvo Concept Estate

Concept Cars 10 Mar 2014
Volvo Concept Estate

Presented at the Geneva Show, the Volvo Concept Estate is the third in a series of design studies that anticipate the future design direction of the brand. It features a shooting brake body inspired by 1800 ES from the 1970s and a new touch interface.

The Concept Estate follows the Concept Coupé and the Concept XC Coupé, both revealed in the last months.

Volvo Concept Estate

The new shooting brake study adopts the same design language, with simple, balanced lines and clean surfaces influenced by contemporary Scandinavian lifestyle.

Volvo Concept Estate - Design Sketch by T. Jon Mayer

While the Concept Coupé took inspiration from the P1800 from the 1960’s, for the Concept Estate Volvo designers looked at the 1800 ES from the early 1970s, which featured a similar shooting-brake layout with a long side window.

Volvo Concept Estate - design inspiration from the 1800 ES - Design Sketches

Volvo Concept Coupe - Design inspiration from the P1800 Volvo Concept Coupe and Concept XC Coupe - Design Sketches

“The 1800-models are iconic Volvos, renowned for their beautiful forms and detailing. However, using elements from their exterior and interior has nothing to do with being retro. We are using these subtle links to a glorious past to create a future in which sheer beauty becomes a recognised part of Volvo’s identity,” says Thomas Ingenlath.

Volvo Concept Estate - Design Sketch by T. Jon Mayer

The proportions of the three-door sports wagon are defined by the generous dash to axle ratio, low hood, sleek silhouette and the glass roof.

Volvo Concept Estate

Just like the Concept Coupé and the Concept XC Coupé, the face of the Volvo Concept Estate is characterised by a new topography on the hood and the ‘floating’ grille, flanked by headlights featuring new T-shaped DRL light guides. The rear light signature is another distinctive element in Volvo Cars’ new design direction.

Volvo Concept Estate - Design Sketch by T. Jon Mayer

Interior Design and User Interface

The Concept Estate also gives a preview of the design direction for the interiors of the upcoming models, both in terms of look and function.

Volvo Concept Estate Interior Design Sketch

The cabin is strongly based on simplicity. The traditional selection of buttons and controls have been replaced by one large tablet-like touch screen control panel in the center console.

Volvo Concept Estate Interior

The subtle inspiration from the 1800-models is also evident on several details inside the Concept Estate, such as the two-spoke steering wheel, the instrument panel and the dials.

Volvo Concept Estate Interior

“The basic idea is to organise controls and information in a perfectly intuitive and user-friendly way. Everything is exactly where you expect it to be, making the drive more enjoyable, efficient and safe,” says Thomas Ingenlath, Senior Vice President Design at Volvo Car Group.

Volvo Concept Estate InteriorIn association with Volvo’s specially designed software, the touch screen will be the main control panel for Volvo’s new in-car user experience. It replaces all buttons and controls except for a few crucial functions such as volume, play/pause, hazard warning and window heaters. It also interacts seamlessly with the digital instrument cluster in front of the driver.

“Not having to deal with buttons and controls for a growing number of functionalities is like being freed from a pair of handcuffs,” says Robin Page, Design Director Interior of Volvo Car Group.

“This has made it possible to build a beautiful interior architecture around the portrait screen. The concept car showcases how this user interface will be integrated in our new car generation.”

Global attention on Volvo’s concept cars has been intensifying as they provide the first significant clues as to how the all-new and much-anticipated XC90 SUV and subsequent cars will look. The XC90 is due to be launched later this year.

Robin Page explains: “The first four decades of the Volvo history was characterised by classic craftsmanship and high quality materials. We are merging this vital part of our brand DNA with the more recent focus on technology and smart functionality. In the Concept Estate we also add the creative side of Scandinavia. The result is an exotic interior with genuine materials and beautiful detailing.”

Swedish lifestyle and design

Occupants in all four seats are embraced by orange seat belts, and the exclusive, woven wool carpets from the Swedish designer Kasthall have the same deep accent colour.

Volvo Concept Estate Interior - Center console detail

The crystal gear leaver from Orrefors/Kosta Boda also has an orange glow, while the chequered black and white wool textile on the headliner and rear sides of the front seats adds playfulness to the ‘room’.

“Creativity is thriving in Swedish society. This includes design and technology as well as the fashion, music and art scene. We have used all this as inspiration to create a new, exciting way to express Sweden’s soul,” says Thomas Ingenlath.

Refined, handcrafted details, such as an instrument panel covered by thick, naturally tanned saddle leather from Tärnsjö, inlays made of waxed, naturally aged wood and machined copper details, also emphasise the exclusive Swedish atmosphere inside Concept Estate.

“The interior is exceptionally vivid. Yet the glass roof and seats covered by light, soft Bridge of Weir leather help to retain that bright and cosy feeling that is the hallmark of a Swedish living room. A place that makes you feel so comfortable that you are reluctant to leave,” says Robin Page.

Volvo Concept Estate Interior

The ambiance might inspire occupants to stop for a picnic and game of Swedish “kubb”. The specially designed game set is visible through the load floor in the back.

“Don’t know the rules? No problem. They are printed on the transparent floor. And rain is no excuse. You will find exclusive Stutterheim raincoats in the back of the car as well,” explains Robin Page.


Volvo Concept Estate Presentation

Volvo Concept Estate – User Interface

Volvo Concept Estate – Inside

(Source: Volvo)

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