Project F Concept

New Designers, News 17 Mar 2014
Project F Concept

The Project F is a study of a concept car based on the Ferrari 458 Italia, featuring a design with organic lines inspired by nature. It was created by Ugur Sahin Design.

The latest creation of Ugur Sahin is the Project Concept F, a sportscar based on the Ferrari 458 Italia which is currently developed with the goal of building it in a limited production series – as with Sahin’s recent Soleil ANADI.

Project F Concept by Ugur Sahin Design

The design of the concept features a combination of organic surfaces with precisely designed cutlines and character lines, showcasing a mix of inspiration from nature and modern cars’ aesthetics.

Project F Concept by Ugur Sahin Design

Among the distinctive elements is the engine cover, characterized by curved louvers, the roof with its double-bubble design and thewings extending to the shoulders, and the DLO, with a wraparound windshield and a reduced height that underlines the car’s sporty stance.

Project F Concept by Ugur Sahin Design

Project F Concept Rendering

The aesthetic link with the Ferrari 458 Italia is evident in the front and rear light units, while the rear section showcases a T-shaped layout reminiscent of the LaFerrari.

Project F Concept Rendering

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Project F Concept by Ugur Sahin Design

(Image Courtesy: Ugur Sahin for Car Body Design)

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  1. 18/3/2014

    Great design!

  2. Utsav Shah

    seems like blend of Porsche 918, Koenigsegg & Ferrari !


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