Ferrari California T: the design

Production Cars 13 Feb 2014
Ferrari California T: the design

Ferrari has revealed the new California model, called California T, with a redesigned exterior and a new turbocharged engine with higher performances and improved efficiency.

The California T maintains the basic features of the California model presented in 2008: the mid-front engine layout, the 2+2 seating capacity and the retractable hard top (RHT) which transforms it from a coupé into a spider in 14 seconds.
Ferrari California T

At the same time the California T introduces a restlyed exterior, a slightly revised cabin and an all-new V8 unit equipped with low-low inertia twin-scroll turbines. The engine delivers 560 cv at 7500 rpm and a maximum torque of 755 Nm.

These figures give the California T a 0 to 100 km/h sprint time of 3.6 seconds, while the average fuel consumption has decreased by 15%.

Exterior Design

Designed by the Ferrari Styling Centre in collaboration with Pininfarina, the California T maintains the overall dimensions and proportions of the outgoing model.

2008 Ferrari California and 2014 California T design comparison

The side view shows the different surface treatment of the flanks, with a smoother, flowing effect: the distinctive character line of the first model, that originated from the lower edge of the side vents sweeping up into the rear fender, how starts from the front wheel arch, contruibuting to a cleaner and more stretched profile.

This solution was inspired by the 250 Testa Rossa’s famous pontoon-fender styling, and the front wing line stretching back towards the compact, muscular rear, brings an aerodynamic sleekness and movement to the sides.

Ferrari California T

The slender look is also underlined by the larger concave area of the side sills, which visually lightens the volumes while adding further dynamism, and by the new black finish of the retractable roof.

2008 Ferrari California

Above: the 2008 California (left) and the new front end of the California T (right)

The front end features a new layout that borrows a number of elements from the current models. The grille is larger and has more pronounced horizontal fins; the headlights are positioned on top of the front fender lines; and the air intake on the hood has been replaced by a central crease line and two air openings.

Ferrari California T

The rear end features a full-width triple-fence diffuser, which integrates the exhausts, now side-by-side and not stacked.

Interior Design

Ferrari California T Interior

The California T’s cabin features a new dashboard defined by horizontal lines. The main layout and styling elements are maintained – apart from the new Turbo Performance Engineer (TPE) positioned between the two central air vents – with a cleaner overall look.

The TPE display boasts a capacitive (touch-sensitive) surround to scroll through screens with information on making the most of the new engine’s performance.

The California T also features a new infotainment system with a high-resolution 6.5” screen featuring both touch-screen and conventional controls.

Technical Features

The model brims with a host of new solutions, not least of which is its 8- cylinder turbo engine. Maranello’s engineers have created an entirely new power unit which delivers absolutely superb levels of performance, blistering pick-up and the most exhilarating soundtrack any turbo has ever yielded.

Ferrari California T Engine

The engine was developed with the goal of achieving virtually zero turbo lag and, as with naturally-aspirated power units, a torque curve that increases constantly across the rev range thanks to Variable Boost Management.

The direct-injection, 3855 cc turbo 8-cylinder is mounted very low in the chassis in a mid-front position and delivers 560 cv at 7500 rpm, which translates into a specific power output of 145 cv/l – the highest in its category – as along with maximum torque of 755 Nm.

As in Formula 1 this season, a turbo is used to cut fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Compared to the outgoing model, fuel consumption is down by around 15 per cent* despite 70 cv more power and a 49 per cent increase in torque. Emissions are down to 250 g/km over the combined cycle which equates to a 20 per cent reduction in the CO2/cv ratio (0.44 g/cv). The

California T’s engine also benefits from several other solutions used on the single-seater, not least compact, very low inertia twin-scroll turbines to ensure ultra-sharp throttle response. The Scuderia’s methodologies and plant are also used for certain phases of its production, particularly at the casting stage.

The intense Ferrari engine sound was achieved through meticulous design work and the use of special manufacturing techniques for essential components, such as the flat-plane crankshaft and the three-piece cast exhaust manifold and turbo housing.

The engine produces a powerful, engaging sound during both the intake and exhaust phases, becoming even more potent as engine speed increases. This the first time a result of this kind has ever been achieved with a turbo engine.

The CCM3 carbon-ceramic braking system has with new composite discs and pads and is integrated with the ESP 8.0 premium which controls the high performance ABS for a short 100 to 0 km/h braking distance of just 34 metres.

(Source: Ferrari)

Image Gallery

Ferrari California T: the design - Image 7
Ferrari California T: the design - Image 5
Ferrari California T: the design - Image 1
Ferrari California T: the design - Image 10
Ferrari California T: the design - Image 11
Ferrari California T: the design - Image 12
Ferrari California T: the design - Image 6
Ferrari California T: the design - Image 8
Ferrari California T: the design - Image 3

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