Works from “Syd Mead Progressions” exhibition

Works from “Syd Mead Progressions” exhibition

“Syd Mead Progressions” traveling art exhibit features an extensive collection of 50 artworks, spanning five decades of career of the renown concept designer and visual futurist. The next stop is in Conway, South Carolina (Aug 18 – Oct 18, 2014).

Syd Mead is one of the most influential designers of the last decades, having created iconic designs for some of the most important sci-fi movies ever made, from Blade Runner to Tron and Aliens.

2000 - Pebble Beach Illustration by Syd Mead

Pebble Beach (2000) – Gouache panel – 90″ x 20″

His works have a stunning combination of visionary ideas, eye-catching settings and compositions and an incredible gouache rendering technique.

1976 Car Styling Magazine July Cover Illustration by Syd Mead

Cover for Car Styling Magazine (1967) – Gouache, 30″ x 20″

The sleek and futuristic yet plausible designs, ranging from conventional vehicles to spaceships, buildings and future gadgets, are enhanced by the detailed depiction of the surrounding environments, which really brings them to life.

1991 Cyber Race Arrival - Illustration by Syd Mead

Cyber Race Arrival (1991) – Gouache, 30″ x 20″

In his illustration Syd Mead offers a positive vision of the future, a “high-tech utopian world” which is centered around human society rather than pure technology.

Syd Mead Progression Exhibition

The “Syd Mead Progressions” art exhibit, on tour in the US for 2 years now, features 50 guache renderings, ranging from 1957 to 2010.

The event will have its next tour stop at the Rebecca Randall Bryan Art Gallery in Conway, South Carolina, from August 18, 2014 to October 18, 2014.

1957 Future Bugatti Illustration by Syd Mead

Future Bugatti (1957) – watercolor, 30″ x 20″

2010 Mega Coach Concept Illustration by Syd Mead

Megacoach(2010) – gouache, 30″ x 20″

Car Sketches by Syd Mead

For more information visit the exhibition page at Syd’s official website and the complete gallery of the artworks on display. You can also find more details on selected artworks on, which has recently sold a number of original pieces.

2008 Black Hypervan Illustration by Syd Mead

Black Hypervan (2008) – gouache, 30″ x 20″

We also recommend an interesting audio interview with Syd Mead by the Art Uncovered Podcast, made for the opening of “Syd Mead Future (Perfect)”, another personal exhibition held in in May-June 2012 in New York.

Lastly, below we report “2019: A Future Imagined”, a short documentary about Syd Mead’s background and vision of future and technology.


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