Toyota FCV Concept

Concept Cars 5 Nov 2013
Toyota FCV Concept

Set to debut at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show, the Toyota FCV Concept is a fuel cell vehicle that previews a production model planned for launch in 2014-2015.

The hydrogen-powered Toyota FCV Concept has a range of at least 300 miles (500km) on a full tank and a refueling time of around three minutes – roughly the same as for a gasoline or diesel vehicle.

Toyota FCV Concept

The FCV Concept’s exterior design expresses the key characteristics of a fuel cell vehicle: the transformation of air into water as the system produces electricity; and the powerful acceleration delivered by the electric drive motor.

Toyota FCV Concept

The FCV measures 4,870mm long, 1,810mm wide and 1,535mm high. The wheelbase is 2,780mm.

Toyota FCV Concept

The front end features pronounced air intakes, while an air-to-water theme is captured in the flowing liquid profile of the doors, a wave motif on the filler cap and a rear-end treatment inspired by the stern of a catamaran.

Technical Features

Toyota FCV Concept

The powertrain features Toyota’s proprietary compact and lightweight fuel cell stack and a pair of high-pressure (70mPa) hydrogen tanks, located beneath the specially designed body. This compact packaging means the FCV can carry up to four occupants.

The Toyota FC stack has a 3kW/l power output density, which is more than twice that of the system previously used in the FCHV-adv concept, and a maximum power output of at least 100kW. It is also equipped with a high-efficiency boost converter.

By increasing the voltage, Toyota has been able to make the motor smaller and reduce the number of fuel cells, leading to a system that is more compact overall, yet delivers better performance at reduced cost.

Driving aside, a fully fuelled vehicle can provide enough electricity – 10kW/h – to power an average Japanese family home for a week.

(Source: Toyota)

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