Porsche Macan: the design

Production Cars 22 Nov 2013
Porsche Macan: the design

The compact SUV presented at the 2013 Los Angeles Auto Show combines the sporty character and performance typical of Porsches with a design strongly influenced by the brand’s DNA and heritage.

The goal of Porsche designers was to create a true sportscar in the compact SUV segment. To achieve this, they adopted wide and low overall proportions and used many of the design elements of the brand’s DNA.

Porsche Macan - Design Sketch

Porsche Macan Turbo Porsche Macan S

These include, for example, the side view window graphics, the sloping roof line at the rear end, known at Porsche as the flyline and the rear wings with its soft soft profile – all inspired by the iconic 911.

Porsche Macan - Design sketches by Mitja Borkert

Other elements express the company’s new design DNA as seen on the recent 918 Spyder. In the Macan, the basic shape of its main headlights and the sideblades at the bottom of the front and rear doors take inspiration from the hybrid supercar.

Porsche Macan - Headlight Design

At the rear, the E-shaped, LED tail lamps feature a distinctive lighting signature – especially at night – and preview a design that will be adopted also on future models.

Porsche Macan Tail Light

Vice President Style Porsche Michael Mauer and Director of Advanced Design Mitja Borket give some insight on the design process.

The model line-up will include three models: the Macan S, the S Diesel and the Turbo, with power outputs ranging from 258 up to 400 bhp.

Porsche Macan Turbo Interior

Below we report some additional design details from the official release, along with a gallery of renderings and photos from the design process.

Exterior Design

The impressive, assertive front of the Macan is a distinctive component of the design. The large air intakes are typical of Porsche and highlight the performance class to which the brand’s vehicles typically belong. In the Macan Turbo, stylistic elements known as C-blades fitted in the air intakes on the right and left of the vehicle accentuate the sporty look and provide a sophisticated aerodynamic response.

Porsche Macan

The wraparound bonnet creates an impressive design detail, enclosing the headlights and extending down to the wheel arches. The imposing size of the bonnet and its precision lines running to the front of the vehicle give the Macan a broad and powerful appearance, while the seamless surface of the bonnet presents a clean front to the vehicle. The Macan’s concentration on the road is particularly evident when viewed from the front.

Porsche Macan S Diesel

The side view with its sporty sloping roof line creates a sharp profile and emphasises the dynamic nature of the vehicle, while the design lines running to the rear of the vehicle accentuate the broad, sculpted wings. Together with what are known as the window graphics – the edges of all lateral glass surfaces – and the shape of the D-pillar, these design lines are a nod to the design of the 911.

Porsche Macan - Clay modeling Porsche Macan - Design Sketching

A further design highlight of the side view, and another means of customising the vehicle, are the sideblades at the bottom of the front and rear doors – dynamically formed inserts that are available in different materials as an option. The design of these sideblades is reminiscent of the lower door seams on the 918 Spyder, as is the front door entry guard. Combined with the sophisticated door handles, this makes the doors appear narrower and the sides significantly more sporty and streamlined.

On the Macan S and Macan S Diesel, the sideblades are painted in Lava Black as standard. The Macan Turbo features sideblades painted in the same colour as the exterior (optional for Macan S and Macan S Diesel), adding to the classic elegance of its look. Sideblades in Genuine Carbon, available for all models as an option, add extra emphasis to the Macan’s sporty character.

A further striking design detail of the Macan is its continuous side sill. Together with the long black roof spoiler, this feature adds to the vehicle’s flowing design. The mixed tyres, which are up to 265 mm wide on the front axle and 295 mm wide on the rear axle. Alongside wheels of up to 21 inches, the tyres also underline the Macan’s sporty intentions.

With its subtle lines and harmonious curves, the rear end is a fusion of sportiness and elegance. It has been consciously designed as a large, mainly undisturbed area to give the vehicle a broader look. To maintain this clean look, the switch for the powerlift tailgate has been concealed in the foot of the windscreen wiper, and the numberplate is located in the lower rear area.

Porsche Macan - Design Sketch

The rear lights on the Macan are another striking feature, boasting an extremely compact three-dimensional design and LED technology – a further reference to the 918 Spyder. On all models, the rear diffuser is flanked on both sides by twin tailpipes – round on the Macan S and Macan S Diesel and square on the Turbo. All models are available with sport tailpipes made from chrome-plated stainless steel as an option.

(Source: Porsche)

Image Gallery

Porsche Macan: the design - Image 12
Porsche Macan: the design - Image 21
Porsche Macan: the design - Image 3
Porsche Macan: the design - Image 30
Porsche Macan: the design - Image 13
Porsche Macan: the design - Image 19
Porsche Macan: the design - Image 24
Porsche Macan: the design - Image 6
Porsche Macan: the design - Image 8

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