Autodesk acquires Virtual Shape Research (VSR)

Autodesk acquires Virtual Shape Research (VSR)

Autodesk has completed the acquisition of technology assets from Virtual Shape Research GmbH (VSR), a developer of a class-A surface 3D modeling plug-in for Rhino.

Germany-based Virtual Shape Research GmbH (VSR) has a focused line of products specialized in the automotive design and product design modeling and rendering.

The core product is the Shape Modeling Plug-in for Rhino, a software that adds an advanced toolset for creating and analyzing high quality shapes, often referred to as “Class A Surfaces”.

Surface Analysis and blend withlines with VSR Shape Modeling plug-in

The combination Rhino + VSR can be considered one of the few relatively affordable solutions for Class A modeling, when compared to more expensive suites like the Autodesk Alias family and the line of products from Dassault Systémes (ICEM Surf, CATIA, etc.).

According to the official press release, “Autodesk intends to continue offering for the existing VSR plugin for Rhino, and to make this product available for purchase exclusively via the Autodesk e-store.”

Despite this statement, however, the news has raised some concerns among Rhino and VSR users regarding the long-term future of the plug-in development and the risks associated with these type of acquisitions.

This transaction follows Autodesk’s recent acquisition of T-Splines, another major Rhino plug-in, which is currently being developed under Autodesk.

Autodesk plans to incorporate the VSR technology into its existing product lines, including Alias products, and to apply the team and technology toward the development of next-generation design/styling and technical surfacing solutions.

Prior to this acquisition, VSR has long collaborated with Autodesk on the research and development of technology for the automotive industry. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

For more information visit you can find the full press release at

(Source: Virtual Shape Research)

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