Volvo BeeHive Concept

New Designers 29 Sep 2013
Volvo BeeHive Concept

The Volvo BeeHive Concept is a truck concept aimed designed for the mega cities of the future. The author is Yuhan Zhangé from Umea Institute of Design.

BeeHive is a user-friendly, lightweight vehicle with an autonomous driving system and a design that expresses smartness and fun. The boxy volume is combined with a futuristic feel and a friendly image, underlined by the “facial expressions”.

Volvo BeeHive Concept Volvo BeeHive Concept

The author, who developed the project in collaboration with Volvo Trucks, aimed at solving specific transport problems such as traffic jams, threat to pedestrian, energy inefficiency, shortage of parking lot,etc.

Volvo BeeHive Concept

As a result, he conceived an innovative transportation system for mega cities in the year 2030.

In this scenario, BeeHive is part of an intelligent rental system. It is powered by in-hub electric motors and can be easily transported and stored through the electric magnetic connectors on the top.

Volvo BeeHive Concept Volvo BeeHive Concept

The infrastructure is divided into three different layers: an overground highway for high speed cars; the ground for pedestrian and low speed vehicles; and an underground layer for the subway.

Volvo BeeHive Concept by Yuhan Zhange

The Hive center is a base for parking and dispatching Bee trucks. There are many hive centers lines along the highways, which saves parking space in the city.

The Bee truck has two operating modes: in high-speed mode, it moves fast below the highway using electric magnetic power; in low-speed mode, it “lands” on the ground to deliver cargo to the person.

Volvo BeeHive Concept Design Panel

When the package is delivered, the truck will go back to the nearest “Hive” center to rest while waiting for next job.

About the Designer

Yuhan Zhangé is a 1st year transportation design student from Umea Institute of Design.

Contact Details:

(Image Courtesy: Yuhan Zhangé for Car Body Design)

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