Volkswagen Aerrow Concept

New Designers 12 Sep 2013
Volkswagen Aerrow Concept

The Volkswagen Aerrow Concept is a study of a single-seater, ultra-efficient futuristic vehicle. The author is design graduate Andreas Blazunaj.

The main goal of the project, developed by Andreas Blazunaj at HBK-Braunschweig, was to illustrate the potential of an ultra-light, aerodynamic vehicle extremely focused on energy efficiency.

Volkswagen Aerrow Concept

To achieve this, Andreas decided to opt for a two-wheel layout, that allows to minimize the friction forces and to reduce the overall width and aerodynamic resistance.

Volkswagen Aerrow Concept

The shapes of the Aerrow were influenced by the iconic forms of the Volkswagen 1-liter Concept Car and by the sleek, futuristic surfaces of the F22 fighter jet ad the Wally Yachts.

Volkswagen Aerrow Concept - Design Inspirations

Another source of inspiration was the NSU BAUMM, a two-wheels concept developed by the German manufacturer in the early 1950s, which set speed records for the 50-175 cc class and achieved ultra low consumption (1l/100km) and a drag coefficient of 0.11.

Volkswagen Aerrow Concept - Canopy opening system

The wheels of the Aerrow Concept are completely hidden by the outer panels, which confere a distinctive, spaceship-like look, with the vehicle that almost appears to be floating on the road.

Volkswagen Aerrow Concept - Package

The driver can access the cockpit through the sliding canopy and sits in a lying down position. Two storage compartment located at the sides of the seat provide up to 170 liter of luggage capacity.

Volkswagen Aerrow Concept - Package

The realtime balance of the Concept is achieve through electric gyroscopes which allow the Aerrow to stand still without the need for any kick-stand or retractable support.

The gyroscopes are connected with a KERS system that supply them with the needed energy.

Volkswagen Aerrow Concept

The Aerrow Concept is powered by a small TDI-Hybridmotor, connected to an all-wheel drive transmission (2WD) and a 2-wheel steering system, which further increases the vehicle’s agility.

Volkswagen Aerrow Concept - Interior Volkswagen Aerrow Concept - Interior

The structure is a carbon-fiber monocoque chassis.

Volkswagen Aerrow Concept - Design Sketches Volkswagen Aerrow Concept - Design Sketches

The project was developed under the  supervision of Prof. Thies Krüger from HBK (Braunschweig University of Art) and MTD (RCA) Léonard O. Natterer from Volkswagen Design

About the Designer

Andreas Blazunaj finished his Industrial Design studies at HBK-Braunschweig with a focus on Transportation Design.

Contact Details:

(Image Courtesy: Andreas Blazunaj for Car Body Design)

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