Studiotorino Coupetorino

Special Cars 17 Jun 2013
Studiotorino Coupetorino

Italian design studio Studiotorino in collaboration with IAAD has presented the Coupetorino, an academic project of a coupé based on the new Mercedes-Benz SL.

The Coupetorino project was launched for the first time in 2008. Like the previous edition, the new Coupetorino academic project was promoted by Alfredo and Maria Paola Stola and developed in partnership with Turin-based IAAD and technical partner Skorpion, with the goal of providing training to six design students: Bruno Arena, Michele Bavaro, Riccardo Luigi Cascone, Stefano Manini, Dario Pellegrino and Cristiano Zanot.

Studiotorino Coupetorino Studiotorino Coupetorino

The project brief was the same to the 2008 project: to create an exclusive coupé based on the Mercedes-Benz SL (in this case the model year 2013), taking into consideration the engineering feasibility and costs for a possible production as a one-off or a limited series model.

Studiotorino Coupetorino Studiotorino Coupetorino

The project also had the continuous support of Steffen Koehl, from the Mercedes-Benz Global Advance Design Center in Sindelfingen.

Studiotorino Coupetorino

The design team created three design variants, named Classic, Muscular and Shooting-Brake. After several design reviews, carried out in Turin, at Sindelfingen as well as by email coomunications, the Shooting-Brake was selected for further development.

Studiotorino Coupetorino - Design process Studiotorino Coupetorino - Design team at Sindelfingen

The final CAD model was created in collaboration with Matteo Gelpi from Skorpion and was used to build the 1/4 scale stereolitography resin model.

Studiotorino Coupetorino Scale model Studiotorino Coupetorino - Design team and scale model

The 1/4 scale model was created using a large and monolithic stereolitography technique with an internal surface thickness that would allow manual modifications.

Studiotorino Coupetorino Illustration by Dario Pellegrino Studiotorino Coupetorino Illustration by Stefano Manini

The final presentation took place on May 27 at the Mercedes-Benz Design Center in Como.

For more information you can visit Studiotorino’s website.

(Source: Studiotorino, Virtual Car)

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