Moretti EGS Concept

New Designers 16 May 2013
Moretti EGS Concept

The Moretti EGS Concept is a modern reinterpretation of the 1954 Moretti 750 Grand Sport, influenced by the Italian design philosophy. The author is Coventry design student Brian Males.

Developed for a project named “Emotions of Italy”, the Moretti EGS compact electric sports car is the result of Brian Males‘ research into the human-machine relationship on the emotional level.

Moretti EGS Concept - 3D render

The design language is strongly influcenced by elements of the past, such as the soft, smooth surfaces, the reasearch of balanced proportions and other details like the two-tone paint scheme and the 1950’s-styled wheels and headlights.

Moretti EGS Concept - 3D render

The main inspiration came from the so-called ‘’etceterinis’’, hand-made small displacement Italian racing cars built from the late 40’s to the 60’s, and in particular from the 1954 Moretti 750 Grand Sport.

1954 Moretti 750 Grand Sport 1954 Moretti 750 Grand Sport

Above: the 1954 Moretti 750 Grand Sport

As Brian explains, “In no field more than in the design of automobiles is the Italian genius for sensual pleasure better manifested.”

Moretti EGS Concept - 3D render

“In my research I learned that emotional reactions which are processed on visceral level, have a much more impact on choice, rather than cognitions; that the portion of humanity within our cars or as Chris Bangle says, Avatars, has a tremendous impact, and not only in the human-machine interface design but also in the aesthetics.”

Moretti EGS Concept - 3D render

We can’t probably avoid a robotization of the transport, but in terms of aesthetics we can maintain the portion of humanity within our cars.”

Moretti EGS Concept Design Sketch

In the era of transition between petrol and electric age we need to look for the factors which could ease this process. A Human factor, probably. Imperfectness? Nostalgia ? Sexuality?”

About the Designer

Brian Males is from Trencin, Slovakia. He currently attends the Automotive and Transport design Course at Coventry University.

Contact Details:

(Image Courtesy: Brian Males for Car Body Design)

Image Gallery

Moretti EGS Concept - Image 2
Moretti EGS Concept - Image 8
Moretti EGS Concept - Image 9
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Moretti EGS Concept - Image 10
Moretti EGS Concept - Image 5
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  1. Hamidg


  2. 17/5/2013

    Beautiful concept and solid modeling skills!

  3. Hamidg

    i don’t agree with modeling! as i said sketching are superb but modeling no so much . the problem is the way the sketch and body form are convert from 2D to 3D if you take more time and more work on that you can make one of the best concept of 2013

  4. Driving

    love the interpretation from the original, front fenders a bit off and odd brake light, also think its needs an interpretation of that classic grill


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