Alstare reveals Superbike Concept

Motorcycles 31 May 2013
Alstare reveals Superbike Concept

Belgian Superbike racing team Alstare has presented its first Concept Bike, developed in collaboration with Rusak Kreaktive Designworks design studio.

The presentation of the Concept Bike follows Alstare’s twenty years of Superbike racing and celebrates the team’s official comeback to competition.


Alstare Superbike Concept

The goal of the project was to translate the team’s motor racing expertise into a vision of the ultimate sportbike.


Alstare Superbike Rendering Alstare Superbike Rendering

In order to conceptualize this vision Alstare partnered with Rusak Kreaktive Designworks studio and its partner Tryptik Studio.


The design process aimed at achieving an “avant-guard” image and expressing the team’s spirit, drawing inspiration from its present and past history through subtle winks.


The Concept Bike combines features an innovative architecture with a suspended chassis with distinctive design elements such as the front suspension fully integrated in the overall aesthetics and sculpted deflectors.


As the designers report, “Every single detail finely embodies ideas and solutions which come out from a long and successful racing experience.”

The development team is now evaluating the construction of a full-scale maquette, and is open to discuss with future potential partners.

The Design Team

  • Design and Artistic Direction by Rusak Kreaktive Designworks (
  • Lead designer: Serge Rusak
  • Junior designer: Ludovic Joppé
  • 3D modeling and animation by Tryptik Studio (

Other credits:

  • Team Alstare, specially Mr Francis Batta, his wife Patricia and Greg Hauret-Clos ; the whole crew for technical input and support.
  • ISD students (prom’ 10) involved during the workshop: Mickael Poirier-Jouan (BMW) – Arik Schwarz (BRP) – Thomas Wu (MINI) – Jérémy Bézard – Maxime Dewailly – Gautier Nevoret – Kevin Freymond.
  • ISD Staff, specially Alfonsino Cutillo and Rémy Constantin (

(Image Courtesy: Rusak Kreaktive Designworks for Car Body Design)

Image Gallery

Alstare reveals Superbike Concept - Image 10
Alstare reveals Superbike Concept - Image 8
Alstare reveals Superbike Concept - Image 1
Alstare reveals Superbike Concept - Image 4
Alstare reveals Superbike Concept - Image 5
Alstare reveals Superbike Concept - Image 9
Alstare reveals Superbike Concept - Image 3
Alstare reveals Superbike Concept - Image 13
Alstare reveals Superbike Concept - Image 2

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  1. superwoo

    OUCH…Who approved and paid for this design?:))

    Whats up with the blades blocking the front wheel steering? How can you even present a design that cannot perform the most basic functions such as steering? Is this motorcycle un-ridable, if so is it a motorcycle?

    Some quick advice to Serge Rusak..Alow the blades to slide back into the fairing and claim that they’re security devices to prevent the bike from being stolen.

    The youtube presentation is also a joke because of all the possible design solutions to chose from the designer had the genius to call out the “Swingarm Screw” and the “Exhaust Heat Deflector” that looks like it deflects from the bottom, i.e the road…because heating the road up is a big problem..

    By the way, details of this design would could go to make a much better electric sportsbike.

    To all the designers out there..keep it real. You all have talent and many good design opportunities ahead of you, don’t waste your time on the frivolous. The world is already saturated with too much junk.


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