Mitsubishi Concept CA-MiEV

Concept Cars 13 Apr 2013
Mitsubishi Concept CA-MiEV

Mitsubishi Concept CA–MiEV is a study of a compact family car designed to showcase the EV technologies that will be introduced mid- to long-term in the global models line-up.

The Concept CA-MiEV was unveiled back at the 2013 Geneva Show in March along with the Concept GR-HEV.

Mitsubishi Concept CA-MiEV

The show car features a next generation EV system and high density batteries, a lightweight construction and an advanced aerodynamics (Cd of 0.26), which result into a 300 km driving range, enough for suburban & country daily life.

Mitsubishi Concept CA-MiEV

Additional technical highlights include magnetic resonance wireless charging technology and smartphone activated functions.

Mitsubishi Concept CA-MiEV

From the official Press Release:

Mitsubishi Motors first true concept car in years, Concept CA-MiEV can be understood as a declaration of intent, stressing the return to Engineering’s primacy within the corporation to better serve (global) customer demand.

Mitsubishi Concept CA MiEV Design Sketch

Design will have a clear emphasis on aerodynamic performance. After Global Small’s segment record 0.27 Cd, the 5-door Concept CA-MiEV compact achieves a Cd of 0.26.

Mitsubishi Concept CA MiEV Design Sketch

Very sleek, the arrow-shaped Concept CA-MiEV brings a degree of high tech sleekness to small car design, all the way to its unusual canopy sloping rear roof line.

Highly efficient (full flat floor, rear-view cameras, minimal air intakes, rear diffuser), Concept CA-MiEV is also full of dramatic detailing – from the boomerang-sculptured front and rear lights to the ascending side character line enclosing the rear wheel arches to create a strong forward motion effect.

Mitsubishi Concept CA MiEV Interior Mitsubishi Concept CA MiEV Interior

Technical Features

  • All-in-One integrated power unit (80 kW motor + inverter + charger) – to help with energy management, packaging and weight reduction.
  • Compact flat battery pack – to help with packaging (especially for possible later applications like range extender) and better long term battery performance.
  • Magnetic resonance wireless charging technology – to help with user-friendliness, as jointly announced in September 2011 by WiTricity Corporation, IHI Corporation and Mitsubishi Motors Corporation and currently under investigation and testing.
  • High density energy Lithium-ion batteries – to help with energy efficiency and also with packaging.


  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 4050 x 1775 x 1550 mm
  • Wheelbase: 2550 mm
  • Max. output 80 kW
  • Battery Type Lithium-ion – Capacity 28 kWh
  • Controller: Inverter
  • Drive: Front wheel drive

(Source: Mitsubishi)

Image Gallery

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Mitsubishi Concept CA-MiEV - Image 1
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