Lamborghini Ganador Concept

New Designers 3 Apr 2013
Lamborghini Ganador Concept

The Lamborghini Ganador is a design study of a super sportscar with a design that combines the brand’s values with essential lines. The author is Mohammad Hossein Amini Yekta from SPD.

This project was developed in collaboration with Lamborghini by Mohammad Hossein Amini Yekta during the first semester of 2011-12 academic year of the Masters Program at Milan-based SPD.

Lamborghini Ganador Concept

The main design feature of the concept is the division between the lower and upper sections, achieved through a straight, sloped line that underlines the wedge-shaped, pointy silhouette.

Lamborghini Ganador Concept

The same line is visually used as a symmetry axis, with the side windows contour being “mirrored” on the lower air intake – a distinctive feature that reminds of the 1970 Bertone Stratos Zero Concept.

Lamborghini Ganador Concept

The transparent “see trough” upper body part is defined by clean surfaces, sharp edges and crystalline volume in contrast with “the muscular and athletic form in the lower part and the powerful heart underneath resemble a gentleman with a muscular body, wearing a tuxedo.”

Lamborghini Ganador Concept Design Sketch Lamborghini Ganador Concept Design Sketch

As the designer explains, “The main task was to bring Lamborghini design elements together with a touch of luxurious soul and the general sportiness.”

Lamborghini Ganador Concept Lamborghini Ganador Concept

“The overall design is more focused on being elegant rather than being sporty but at the same time tried to keep the aggressive look and uncompromising soul using some details like the tail lights which is hidden behind the blades in which when they are on, they give the feeling that a wild animal is trapped inside.”

Lamborghini Ganador Concept Packaging

Lamborghini Ganador Concept Interior Design Sketch Lamborghini Ganador Concept Interior Design Sketch

About the Designer

Mohammad Hossein Amini Yekta graduated from Scuola Politecnica di Design (SPD) in Master of Transport design, in November 2012 (Milan-Italy).

Contact Details:

(Image Courtesy: Mohammad Hossein Amini Yekta for Car Body Design)

Image Gallery

Lamborghini Ganador Concept - Image 15
Lamborghini Ganador Concept - Image 1
Lamborghini Ganador Concept - Image 19
Lamborghini Ganador Concept - Image 7
Lamborghini Ganador Concept - Image 14
Lamborghini Ganador Concept - Image 2
Lamborghini Ganador Concept - Image 20
Lamborghini Ganador Concept - Image 16
Lamborghini Ganador Concept - Image 12

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  1. Driving

    very lamborghini, original, creative and i love it

  2. 3/4/2013

    Viva Mr Yekta. Persian Flag is Up…

  3. buggy2356

    i think it is looks like Lancia Stratos Zero from 1970.

    • Cloverleaf

      True… The whole thing is VERY Bertone-ish

  4. RAL

    I do not like lambos, but I like your sketch-work. Stunning alias model: great a-surfaces. Congs!

  5. Night_Manager

    This a Lamborghini??!! Please, look up the term Lancia StratosI !! Maybe someone thought that Lambo belong, like Ferrari to Fiat and tried to reincarnate the iconic Lancia in a Lambo, but original?? Oh, please!!

  6. Mohamed Eissa

    Hey, come on guys .. I know it’s so clear to everybody it’s based on Bertone’s concept lancia stratos zero. But the designer is still a student and most probably this was a project during his master based on the historical concept.

    To me that design give a spot about the abilities and talents that the designer have, may be it’s hard to be considered as a lambo. but I think it’s a very good interpretation of the stratos zero design elements, moreover still showing a great abilities for interior design too.

  7. Jakubeca

    Peugeot Onyx meets Stratos. Nothing original but don’t worry you can always be an Alias modeler. 😉

  8. Design-commander

    Very magnificent! I wish you best…

  9. navid nikfar

    thats so nice i love that 🙂

    it’s looks like a real lamborghini and every parts of that mean to be a lamorghini!


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