Fiat 130 Coupe Concept

Concept Cars 12 Apr 2013
Fiat 130 Coupe Concept

Paolo Martin has imagined a re-interpretation of the Fiat 130 Coupe from the 1970s combining the original spirit with today market needs.

As Paolo Martin explains “While the 1970 version was bound by a multitude of technical and economic challenges as well as issues in components use, today I would say that it is easier to build but much more difficult to enter a high-end market, which is consolidated and very fierce in competition.”

“I was tempted and intrigued by the fact that today the market demand for this type of car is growing.”

Fiat 130 Coupe Concept 4-door

In this proposal the designer wanted to maintain the spirit of adapting the main design features and size to the current needs.

For example, he decided for a four-door layout, to facilitate access to the rear seats – being the car very low on the ground – and to reduce their size.

He adds “The greenhouse keeps maintains its own lightness being optically separated from the car body. It is very sporty but with a tone of classicism which recalls its predecessor.”

Fiat 130 Coupe Concept Sport Break

He also imagined a Sport Break version, which was inspired by the Fiat 130 Maremma, a 3-door estate version designed by Pininfarina in 1975.

“Fiat should somehow revive its high-end, premium models, it would be definitely highly appreciated by many.”


Above: the 1970 Fiat 130 Coupe


Above: the Fiat 130 Maremma by Pininfarina (1975)

(Image Courtesy: Paolo Martin for Car Body Design)

Image Gallery

Fiat 130 Coupe Concept - Image 2
Fiat 130 Coupe Concept - Image 4
Fiat 130 Coupe Concept - Image 3
Fiat 130 Coupe Concept - Image 6
Fiat 130 Coupe Concept - Image 1
Fiat 130 Coupe Concept - Image 5

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  1. jinandfonic

    I think this design is more similar to the much later 5 cylinder turbot Fiat Coupe of the late ’90’s? Maybe the press release staff got confused. I have owned 2 Fiat 130 Coupes in the past. Still my favourite. A very hard act to follow for Fiat. Imagine though how well a “new” 124 Coupe would do today? Take on the Toyota 86. I think a “130” replacement would have to be similar to the VW Passat CC/ Mercedes CLS. Shoe horn in a Maserati engine and call it the “Opera”. I’ll take one in Gun metal grey…

    • 23/4/2013

      No confusion – the project is a reinterpretation of the 130 Coupé, as stated by the designer himself. But you’re right, the wheel-arches and the front headlights recall the Fiat Coupé from the 1990s.


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