Ssangyong SIV-1 Concept

Concept Cars 5 Mar 2013
Ssangyong SIV-1 Concept

At the 2013 Geneva Motor Show Ssangyong has unveiled the SIV-1 Concept, the latest evolution of the mid-size premium CUV project that previews a strategic model for the brand.

The SIV-1 Concept is the next iteration of a concept series first seen as the multi interface XIV presented at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show.

Ssangyong SIV-1 Concept

Designed to embody the brand’s philosophy of ‘Robust, Specialty, Premium’, the car will become a strategic model within the SsangYong range.

From the official Press Release:

Exterior Design

Ssangyong SIV-1 Concept

The design of the SIV-1 is formed through the association of nature’s power and dynamism, and represents SsangYong’s new design philosophy of ’Nature Born 3 Motion’.

This is the central theme of SsangYong’s vehicle design language that was first articulated in the XIV concept series.

Ssangyong SIV-1 Concept

“Nature, the source of everything, inspires the brand’s design philosophy to touch the hearts of people and to enrich their lives by creating harmony between man, nature and the car.”

“Dignified, dynamic, rhythmical and fluid movements found in nature are the source of inspiration behind SsangYong’s refreshing design philosophies, and at Geneva the third of its new design visions will be previewed – ‘dynamism’, created through energy and power.”

Ssangyong SIV-1 Concept at Geneva 2013

The styling of the SIV-1 concept is informed by the intense and dynamic movements created during nature’s most significant moments such as creation through birth.

SIV-1’s exterior design embraces the multi-purpose styling cues of the crossover to satisfy the numerous different customer demands for this type of vehicle.

Intense character lines in the body and the voluminous rear bumper represent the dynamism found in the birth of life.

The wide C pillar separated by the greenhouse style moulding and roof line, hints at a concurrent sensation of speed and robustness to highlight the sportiness of the vehicle. The simple yet bold front, rear and strong, energetic sides embody SsangYong’s robust styling. The radiator grille is organically blended with and separated from the headlights, tilting at the vitality of nature. The bold division of the rear defines the car’s dynamism by flowing sidelines all the way to the back.

Interior Design

Ssangyong SIV-1 Concept Interior

Interior design is spacious and as dynamic as the car’s exterior. Understated simplicity is in stark contrast and blends well with the delicate yet strong elements of the vehicle at the same time, creating a new level of user satisfaction.

Young, sporty and contemporary sensations are created with the metallic centre fascia, together with state-of-the-art IT devices embracing a futuristic environment. The instrument cluster delivers clear communication to the driver, while echoing a sporty feel via its dynamic graphics.

The spacious passenger-friendly interior design challenges the rules of driving experience with features such as the bilaterally symmetrical instrument panel and four independent bucket seats that engender the sporty yet safe spirit of driving you would expect from a sports coupé.


A nano tube technology-based high function heat coating is applied to increase driving safety and secure perfect driving conditions. An ultra thin heat film coating technology is applied to all window and exterior mirrors to remove frost quickly and ensure good visibility and safety. A glass-heating system also removes window frosting in cold weather in the shortest time possible while maintaining an optimal internal temperature and ideal driving environment.

This car is the realization of SsangYong’s long pursued ‘Multi Interface Vehicle’ architecture, designed to enrich the lives of people by offering a new concept of a ‘venue for communication on the move’ by converging a car with new technologies and IT.

Emotional connection with technology manifests itself in the Mobile Auto System which allows mobile communication devices such as smart phones and tablets to be automatically recognized on the car’s control screen to operate GPS or music players, while vehicle control is also possible at anytime to create the optimized driving environment before entering the car.

The passenger seat can also be synchronized with the same settings as the driver’s seat.

(Source: Sssangyong)

Image Gallery

Ssangyong SIV-1 Concept - Image 1
Ssangyong SIV-1 Concept - Image 3
Ssangyong SIV-1 Concept - Image 5
Ssangyong SIV-1 Concept - Image 4
Ssangyong SIV-1 Concept - Image 9
Ssangyong SIV-1 Concept - Image 6
Ssangyong SIV-1 Concept - Image 7
Ssangyong SIV-1 Concept - Image 8
Ssangyong SIV-1 Concept - Image 2

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