Volkswagen Rocky Concept

New Designers 20 Nov 2012
Volkswagen Rocky Concept

The Volkswagen Rocky is a design study of an ultra compact electric SUV that explores new applications for the current design DNA of the brand. The author is Rafael Gordo García from Spain.

The Rocky Concept combines kei-car dimensions (3,7 m length) with a rational design made of sharp graphics and clean, bold surfaces.

Volkswagen Rocky Concept Volkswagen Rocky Concept

The concept was conceived to be part of the growing VW lineup of electric powered urban vehicles (Up!, Space Up!, e-Up! and Bulli) and with its ultra compact dimensions, bold stance and “lighthearted” look, is targeted to appeal to younger customers.

Volkswagen Rocky ConceptAs Rafael Gordo García explains, “In the exterior I was looking for a really strong, solid image, that could be recognized as a Volkswagen at first glance, but with a younger, more daring look than the rest of VW SUV’s (Tiguan, Touareg).”

“The proportions, with the short, horizontal hood and really short overhangs, give the Rocky a very solid yet agile image.

“Its boxy forms, wide sheet surfaces and pronounced fenders provide the car of a great stance.

Volkswagen Rocky Concept Design Sketches Volkswagen Rocky Concept Design Sketches

“The narrow and angular DLO gives the Rocky a very dynamic look, without being claustrophobic thanks to the wide glass ceiling.

“The front end has the familiar Volkswagen face, with big headlights fitted on the horizontal, narrow grill like those of the first Golf. The graphic seen on the door also reminds of the classic 181, the ‘first’ off-road Volkswagen, Small cameras on the top of the floating cant rails work as mirrors.”

Volkswagen Rocky Concept Volkswagen Rocky Concept

“At the rear, the glass back door framed inside the body gives the car a really solid image from behind. The elevated pilot lights they blend with the spoiler on the top, creating a floating effect.”

Volkswagen Rocky Concept“The car is powered by four electric motors set inside the wheels; the light plastic rims completely cover and protect them, with the five arms ‘floating’ over the center.”

“Due to its structure, the Rocky could also fit an explosion/hybrid engine under its hood if necessary in any particular market.”

“There’s also a more rugged version with unpainted bumpers and fenders and aluminum touches.”

About the designer

Rafael Gordo García is a young designer from Madrid, Spain.

He graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Industrial Design at Antonio de Nebrija University (Madrid) and a Master in Automotive Design at the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia in 2011.

He is currently working as a 3d modeler but looking for opportunities in the automotive design field.

Contact Details:

(Image Courtesy: Rafael Gordo García)

Image Gallery

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    Interesante propuesta Rafael. A ver si tienes suerte en este difícil mundo del diseño. Cualidades no te faltan.


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