Peugeot Trottinette Concept

Peugeot Trottinette Concept

Developed by Peugeot Design Lab, the Trottinette Concept is a three-wheeled electric kick scooter developed for a new form of urban mobility aimed at improving accessibility to the city in a pleasurable and easy way.

Design: Céline Venet – Colors and Materials: Sophie Gazeau

Three wheels give more stability, even at low speed and with an electric motor in the rear wheel it is both fun and effortless to ride.



The design is sporty: crisp lines are combined with subtle and elegant volumes. It is equipped with LED lights front and rear.



Every function is fully integrated into the design and there is even a dock in the handlebars to connect your mobile phone. With a dedicated application, it can display all the necessary information: speedometer, battery, GPS.








(Source: Peugeot Design Lab)

Image Gallery

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Peugeot Trottinette Concept - Image 11
Peugeot Trottinette Concept - Image 7
Peugeot Trottinette Concept - Image 3
Peugeot Trottinette Concept - Image 1
Peugeot Trottinette Concept - Image 10
Peugeot Trottinette Concept - Image 5
Peugeot Trottinette Concept - Image 8

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