Peugeot Salt & Pepper Mill Concepts

Peugeot Salt & Pepper Mill Concepts

Peugeot Design Lab has created new unique concepts by reshaping salt and pepper mills, two historical products from the Peugeot collection.

Design: Damien Debert & Céline Venet – Colors and Materials: Céline Venet

These salt and pepper mills were designed to be innovative, with the distinctive ability to measure out the seasoning precisely.


The Peugeot Design Lab salt and pepper mills are not used vertically, directly above the dish or plate, but in an inclined position. Grains, once ground, fall first into a receptacle formed by the hollow surface of the body, allowing those freshly milled grains to then be applied in precise proportions.





The design of these mills is dynamic and streamlined, in a discreet reference to the design language of Peugeot. They combine the cold touch of aluminium in the technical areas, where precise and tough mechanical parts grind the grains, with the warmth and sensuality of the wooden grip.

While they can be placed vertically on the table, they were created to be displayed horizontally in a specially made plate, to highlight both their distinctive form and unique functionality.








(Source: Peugeot Design Lab)

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Peugeot Salt
Peugeot Salt
Peugeot Salt
Peugeot Salt
Peugeot Salt
Peugeot Salt
Peugeot Salt
Peugeot Salt
Peugeot Salt

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