Peugeot Herb Grinder Concept

Peugeot Herb Grinder Concept

The herb grinder concept by Peugeot Design Lab is a both functional and stylish object that takes inspiration from the Peugeot coffee mill.

Design, Colors and trim by Céline Venet

The Herb Grinder Concept is a practical tool, but at the same time its distinctive new design allows it to become an object not exclusively confined within the kitchen.


Compact in size, it has a full, smooth and refined form, with sensual curves rather than sharp angles, creating a timeless and practical design: cleaning all the components is a simple task.


The base of the mill is made of aluminium, subtlety formed, which also can be used as a display. The mixing system consists of a steel cutting mechanism and a protective wooden cover. The whole assemble fits together in a natural and pleasing fashion.

Operating the mill is by a crank, connected by an easy circular motion directly to the cutting system. The mixed herbs are served directly into the main container.



(Source: Peugeot Design Lab)

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Peugeot Herb Grinder Concept - Image 1
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