Peugeot Concept Bike eDL132

Peugeot Concept Bike eDL132

The eDL132 by Peugeot Design Lab is a high performance urban electric bike with a clean, dynamic design optimized for aerodynamic efficiency.

Design by Benjamin Goudout – Colors and Trim by Sebastien Floutier

The design is defined by its taut, crisp lines, which evoke controlled power. The main tubes taper as they arc rearwards from the inverted ‘U’ at the head tube, creating a dynamic silhouette.


The bike is powered by an electric motor, installed at the bottom bracket and completely integrated into the form, adding to the sporty look.



A long range battery is positioned in the lower frame and can be either removed or left in place for recharging.

The bikes neat and simple shape is optimize to reduce its passage through the air. Everything is integrated and coherent.



The bike is equipped with front and rear disc brakes, a belt drive and an 11 speed transmission with electronic shift buttons on the handlebars.

The color scheme has a satin black base with a vibrant orange accent. Even when stationary the eDL132 appears energetic.




The powerful LED rear light is part of the saddle while the front light integrates into the handlebars. All the cables are hidden to finish the flawless look of the bike.

he controls are all in the same clean and fluid surface and fall easily to the riders hands. There is a touch screen to select the drive mode, and display all relevant information, such as performance, GPS, battery status etc.








(Source: Peugeot Design Lab)

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