Peugeot Concept Bike eDL122

Peugeot Concept Bike eDL122

The eDL122 is an electric-powered urban bike that evolves the mobility concept of DL 122 maintaining its distinctive design, compactness and convenience.

Design by Neil Simpson

With an electric motor located in the front wheel, the eDL122 is designed for effortless, quiet, and clean urban use.


Powered by a compact plug-in battery, perfectly integrated into the frame, the bike retains a simple and elegant design without sacrificing the convenience and features of the previous model.


The laptop bag and latest generation folding lock are still included whilst the battery is locked in place and can be removed or recharged directly in the bicycle.


Battery range is ample for regular urban use. The cables are now totally concealed in the handle bars, whilst twist grip selectors operate both the gear and battery power modes.

The look of the bike has been reworked to be more urban. The wood retains its chic, natural appearance while the rear is now finished in high gloss black, with the model name discreetly highlighted.

The exclusive leather work, including saddle, grips and the bag were all especially designed and created for the eDL122 by the team that trims the Peugeot concept cars.





(Source: Peugeot Design Lab)

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    This concept is awesome.

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