AutoDesign Prague 2012: Report

Conferences 14 Nov 2012
AutoDesign Prague 2012: Report

A report from the AutoDesign Prague 2012, the automoive design conference held on 18 October 2012, which saw the participation of independent designers and representatives from Porsche, Jaguar, Škoda, Volkswagen and Volvo.

The event, which took place in Prague on last October 18, 2012, featured ten presentations and an accompanying exhibition of winning projects from the Dassault Systèmes Design Challenge.

Peter StevensOne of the main stars was Peter Stevens, designer of the supercar legend the McLaren F1 and a line of other interesting cars of renowned names.

As a teacher at the London Royal College of Art, he has fundamentally influenced many designers of today. For example, Peter Schreyer (chief designer Kia) or Peter Horbury (chief designer Geely/Volvo) underwent his course.

The lectures on design were enriched by guest from Siemens PLM, who was leading engineer of British team Bloodhound SSC.

This team is soon planning to conquer the boarder of 1000 mph (1609 km/h) with its special and set a record of the fastest car on the planet.


AutoDesign Prague 2012 BT Design Etape Concept

As part of the AutoDesign Prague 2012, the BT Etape concept had its Czech national premiere. The car is based on the Škoda Yeti platform and was developedin the new design department of Benet Automotive, a company specialized in the tuning of Škodas.

Below we report the complete list of speeches.

  • Peter Stevens, Automotive Designer, Teacher, Design Guru – “Car Culture, The Complexity of the Customer”
  • Hans Vandezande, Sales Manager, Materialise – “How 3D Printing Accelerates Car Development”
  • Sebastien Stassin, partner of Kiska – “Future Mobility Where Are You?”
  • Porsche designer Tony HatterJiří Hulák, Head of Dpt. of Industrial Design, National Technical Museum Prague – “Czech Contribution to Development of Car Design”
  • Dan Johns – Senior Engineer Bloodhound SSC – “Bloodhound SSC … Engineering Adventure!”
  • Tony Hatter – Design Manager Porsche Sport Cars – “Style Porsche. The 911”
  • Michal Jelínek, Director of Styling and Design, IndustrieHansa Consulting & Engineering – “The Legend”
  • David Carvalho, Design studio Director Dassault Systèmes – “Eco-mobility Project, a Customer Case Study”
  • Anne Asensio, Vice President Design Experience, Dassault Systèmes – “Dassault Systèmes Design Challenge 2012”
  • Dominic Najafi, Creative Specialist Advanced Design, Jaguar Cars Ltd. – “DNA of Jaguar Design, F-Type”
  • Peter Stevens (II), Automotive Designer, Teacher, Design Guru – “Challenging the Future”

(Image Courtesy: AutoDesign&Styling)

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