Renault DCross Concept

Concept Cars 25 Oct 2012
Renault DCross Concept

At the Sao Paulo Motor Show renault has unveiled the DCross Concept, a study based on the design of the Dacia Duster and characterized by a rugged, off-road look.

Compared to the Dacia Duster from which it derives, the DCross has a new, concept-like face and an off-road oriented character, thanks to the increased ride height, the roof racks and the spare tire, originally positioned on the roof.



Another distinctive element of the concept is the color scheme, which combines a bright green body with a matte black finish, used for the whole rear end, the rooftop and the lower part of the side sills and front bumper.


The DCross was revealed by Renault at the Sao Paulo Show, along with the Novo Clio and Fluence GT, two models sold exclusively on the Brazilian market.

(Source: Renault)

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