Pininfarina Chords Concept

New Designers 17 Oct 2012
Pininfarina Chords Concept

The Pininfarina Chords Concept is a design study of a futuristic, compact sportscar inspired by the vibrations of strings in musical instruments. The author is Giampiero Sbrizzi from Turin IED.

Taking inspiration from music – and in particular from the double bass instrument – the Chords Concept features a system of vibrating strings and a device capable of converting the resulting low frequency vibrations into energy – a technology called Mini Energy Harvester and developed at MIT. Pininfarina Chords Concept The strings are attached to exterior elements made in mahogany, while the body panels are made of carbon fiber and composite plastics. Pininfarina Chords Concept The concept has compact dimensions – with a length of 3,850 mm, a width of 1,650 mm and a height of 1,300 mm. Pininfarina Chords Concept The design language aims at translating into automotive forms the aesthetics and refined details of the classic musical instruments.

Pininfarina Chords Concept Pininfarina Chords Concept

About the Designer

Pininfarina Chords ConceptGiampiero Sbrizzi is a recent transportation design graduate from Turin-based Istituto Europeo di Design (IED). He is currently looking for internships in the automotive design field.

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(Image Courtesy: Giampiero Sbrizzi for Car Body Design)

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