Mazda6 Wagon

Production Cars 5 Oct 2012
Mazda6 Wagon

At the 2012 Paris Motor Show Mazda as presented the estate version of the upcoming Mazda6 model.

Compared to the sedan version, the wagon maintains the dynamic look, with a pushed back cabin and sculpted flanks. The wagon is slightly shorter (-65mm) and with a wheelbase reduced by 80mm, while the height has been increased of up to 30mm.

Mazda6 Wagon Mazda6 Sedan Profile

The body has still a good drag coefficient of 0.28 – while the sedan has a remarkable Cd value of 0.26.

Mazda6 Wagon Mazda6 Wagon

The trunk offer a generous capacity of 522 liters, which reaches a total of 1,644 liters with the rear seats folded down to form a flat load area – an operation that can be carried out “remotely” using the levers system in the trunk.

Mazda6 Wagon Interior Mazda6 Wagon Interior

Like the sedan, the Mazda6 wagon benefits from the adoption of the company’s SKYACTIV technologies, including the i-ELOOP brake energy regeneration system.

Mazda6 Wagon Mazda6 Wagon

(Source: Mazda)

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