Lamborghini Perdigón Concept

New Designers 9 Oct 2012
Lamborghini Perdigón Concept

The Perdigón concept is a study of a Bugatti Veyron rival which pushes the jet fighter stealth-inspired design language to the extreme. The author is design student Ondrej Jirec from Art Center.

The idea behind the project was to have a top-of-the-line model, built in a very limitedseries of 20 units with the goal of being a competitor to the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport.

Lamborghini Perdigon Concept

As the author explains, “overall, it is a very conceptual and extreme project, almost at the border with entertainment design.”

Lamborghini Perdigon Concept

“I wanted to push “jet fighter stealth” styling to the limit and see how far it could go. Design theme throughout the whole vehicle body features very sharp, angled and polygonal surfacing. This is combined with highly 3D proportions.”

Lamborghini Perdigon Concept

The exterior is characterized by an intricate surface treatment, with the angular surfaces contrasted by the simpler shapes of the canopy, which integrates a double-bubble roof aimed at providing a jet-fighter-like experience.

Lamborghini Perdigon Concept Lamborghini Perdigon Concept

The hi-tech look is enhanced by the exposed carbon fiber texture and by many aeronautic-inspired details, such as the large air intake at the base of the windshield, which supplies air cooling for the transmission and the engine.

Lamborghini Perdigon Concept Interior Lamborghini Perdigon Concept Interior

The interior uses the same angular lines and provides essential, driving-focused functionalities.

Lamborghini Perdigon Concept Interior Lamborghini Perdigon Concept Interior

The focal point is provided by the instrument gauges – which create a link to the exterior design language – while the center console hides a tunnel for the air to go to the engine and transmission.

Lamborghini Perdigon Concept Design Sketches Lamborghini Perdigon Concept Design Sketches

About the Designer

Ondrej Jirec is a design student at the Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA.

Contact Details:

(Image Courtesy: Ondrej Jirec for Car Body Design)

Image Gallery

Lamborghini Perdigón Concept - Image 16
Lamborghini Perdigón Concept - Image 13
Lamborghini Perdigón Concept - Image 2
Lamborghini Perdigón Concept - Image 11
Lamborghini Perdigón Concept - Image 3
Lamborghini Perdigón Concept - Image 6
Lamborghini Perdigón Concept - Image 1
Lamborghini Perdigón Concept - Image 5
Lamborghini Perdigón Concept - Image 15

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  1. kasra90

    fantastic car, fantastic awesome design
    keep up the good work

  2. JuBe

    So is that an intake at the front of the canopy?

  3. 13/10/2012

    Man, be carefull with the name of the concept!!! Check this:

    such as my website!!!

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  5. Hazael Estrada

    Awesome concept, i hope the front intake is not too noisy, in the exploration sketches i liked better the one with two intakes/exhausts (?) in the rear/upper part of the car.


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