CyDesign Labs Group B Rally Car Design Challenge

CyDesign Labs Group B Rally Car Design Challenge

GrabCAD in partnership with CyDesign Labs has launched a design contest that asks participant to create a detailed surface CAD model for a contemporary Group B rally car. The deadline is 29 October 2012.

CyDesign Labs is building a detailed physics based modeling and simulation environment and needs a great looking car to use in this simulated environment.

With the support of GrabCAD‘s community, it has now launched a design contest asking to submit a detailed CAD surface model of what a Group B Rally car would look like today, using modern design and styling

Rules and Prizes

The final design must not replicate existing, trademark and copyright protected automobiles or automobile shapes produced today.

The only requirement of the design, beyond the specs, is that the CyDesign logo (see below), must be integrated into the paint
scheme/graphics on the Group B Rally car.

Subsequent sponsor logos are not required; trademark and copyright protected graphics are not permitted.

No internal surfaces or components are required- only external surfaces need to be modeled and then rendered.

The body needs to be varied parametrically to accommodate a range of:

  • Wheel-bases (2000-2700 mm)
  • Front and rear track widths (1400-1600 mm)
  • Ground clearances (150-300 mm)
  • Accommodates a family of wheels and tires combinations
    • Smooth road
    • Off-road (a variety of sizes)
    • Snow ready (studded or cleated)
  • Wheel arches large enough for wheel motion to be visible during simulation.
  • Could be front, rear, or mid-engined, or provide separate model for each type
  • Optional aerodynamic kit(s) are permissible.
  • The 3D model must have the body and wheels as separate entities.

The competition is open to everyone and the submission deadline is October 29, 2012.

Submissions will be judged by CyDesign and GrabCAD staff upon timeliness of submittal, accuracy of 3D models relative to picture(s)/diagrams/images provided and file size of final CAD file (smaller is better).


  • 1st Prize: $3,000 cash + CyDesign T shirt
  • 2nd Prize: $1,000 cash + CyDesign T shirt
  • 3rd Prize: $500 cash + CyDesign T shirt

For more information and for the full technical requirements you can visit the competition’s page on grabCAD.

(Source: GrabCAD)

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