New Design Contest: Remote Explorer

New Design Contest: Remote Explorer

Car Body Design in partnership with CGMA is launching a new concept design contest. The winner will be awarded the “Vehicle and Mechs” 8-weeks online master class held by designer Paul Christopher and worth $599.

Truck Sketch by Paul ChristopherFollowing our first contest – for which we will soon publish some updates and an image gallery, we are launching a new competition in partnership with CGMA (Computer Graphics Master Academy), a leading provider of online digital art education aimed at entertainment designers, concept artists and illustrators.

The winner will have the chance to participate in the upcoming Vehicle and Mechs online Master Class organized by CGMA and taught by concept designer Paul Christopher.

Biker Militia by Paul Christopher The Master Class will start on October 20th and will last until December 16th, 2012 (+1 extra week for content review).

It includes a total of 8 lectures, weekly assignments and reviews, live Q&A sessions and a dedicated, private forum. The tuition fee is $599.

The Master Class is mainly focused on movies and videogames, however it presents many points of interest for both transportation and industrial designers.

Participants will have the chance to learn how to develop design themes and a visual vocabulary, how to better sell their ideas and how to “unleash creativity” by going out of the comfort zone and exploring new workflows in a deadline-oriented, production working environment.

Furthermore, they’ll have the chance to evaluate an alternative design career path.

Brief and Rules

In theme with the Master Class’ goals, we ask to design a futuristic vehicle for scientific research and exploration on a remote region of Earth in the year 2100.

CGMW Poster Demo We ask to submit a single design panel in digital format (PDF or JPG) including at minimum a clean rendering/drawing in 3/4 view showing the vehicle’s main shapes and features plus a cinematic shot aimed at “selling” your concept to a virtual “director”.

Entries must be sent to within Sunday 7th October 2012 at 23:59 EST. Attachments should not exceed 10MB in size.

The contest is open to everyone – amateurs, design students and professionals – however the Master Class requires solid drawing foundations, good dynamic and observational sketching skills and creativity.

The winner will be selected  based on the above criteria – as well as on the “cool” factor. The jury panel will consist of staff members from both Car Body Design and CGMA, including class instructor Paul Christopher himself.

As with our Classic Motorsports Design Contest, all the participants will have their work published on Car Body Design and their personal page ready for when our Portfolio section is launched.

The results will be announced on October 12th, 2012.

About the Master Course

Mech Sketch by Paul Christopher In this class, Paul will show you the benefits of ideation sketching, perspective, visual language, and design intent.

Focusing on the fundamentals of drawing and design, Paul will provide you with a process to deliver stronger designs using established concept design processes.

Subjects will include: developing design themes, thumbnails, visual vocabulary, and believability applied to literal and fantastical subjects), materials, lighting, and presentation.

Paul Christopher

Paul Christopher has worked as a freelance concept artist on many blockbusters over the last few years including The Hunger Games, Green Lantern, The Amazing Spiderman, John Carter of Mars, Sucker Punch and Inception to name only a few movies and the video game, Guild Wars.

He recently focused on video games production working freelance for Respawn Entertainment and Insomniac Games.

For more information visit CGMA’s website.

(Image copyright: Paul Christopher)


Image Gallery

New Design Contest: Remote Explorer - Image 5
New Design Contest: Remote Explorer - Image 7
New Design Contest: Remote Explorer - Image 3
New Design Contest: Remote Explorer - Image 8
New Design Contest: Remote Explorer - Image 6
New Design Contest: Remote Explorer - Image 4
New Design Contest: Remote Explorer - Image 2
New Design Contest: Remote Explorer - Image 1

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  1. zMick

    You guys are starting to get creative in bringing us artists into the fold.. doing just car design is kinda boring.. artists like myself do much more than just cars.. now to get away from the puter and to draw again

  2. RAL

    we still have no info about the previous contest and we have a new one!
    Besides, I prefer just car design…leaving science fiction for other places.
    What about contests based on iconic cars of the past (citroen DS, Corvette, Alfas, Porsches, Bettle…) or based on countries that have inspired so many car designers (Italy, USA, U.K, germany, Japan, france…), or type of cars: 4WD, suvs, convertibles, barchettas, vans…

    • 21/9/2012

      Hi RAL,
      Thanks for commenting! We decided to launch the contest now since the workshop is scheduled for October 20 and we didn’t want to miss this opportunity.
      Regarding the first contest, we’ll publish a gallery of the entries within the next days, and we’ll announce the results a few days later.
      Also, thanks for your suggestions, we’ll certainly have more car-related contests and challenges in the future!


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