Ferrari SP Arya one-off in the works

Special Cars 28 Aug 2012
Ferrari SP Arya one-off in the works

Ferrari Special Projects is developing a one-off model commissioned by Cheerag Arya from Dubai and based on the 599 GTO.

Cheerag Arya is the head of a petrochemical company and a collector of Ferraris, owning an F40, an F430 Scuderia, an Enzo, a Daytona, a 599 GTO, a 599XX and an SA Aperta.

Cheerag AryaHe recently approached the Special Projects division and commissioned a one-off sportscar based on the 599 GTO.

As Ferrari Magazine reported, designers presented him with many different concept sketches. Arya selected design elements from the various proposals and asked to incorporate them in the final design.

The SP Arya is currently in the final stages of development, and a clay model has been approved.

The delivery is expected for early 2013. The car is expected to be used by its owner both in Dubai and Europe, but there will be no official presentation.

The SP Arya is the fifth project by the Special Projects division, following the 2008 SP1, the 2009 the P540 Superfast Aperta, the 2011 Superamerica 45 and the recent SP12 EC commissioned by Eric Clapton.

(Source: Ferrari Magazine via Motor Authority)

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