BMW X Roadster Concept

New Designers 4 Jul 2012
BMW X Roadster Concept

The BMW X Concept is a study of a V8 powered two seater roadster. The author is design student Aldo Schurmann from IAAD.

The concept was designed to adopt the same 5.0 liter unit of the BMW X6. The exterior design has some reminiscences of the Audi R8 – especially in the fenders – but at the same time incorporates some styling cues of the latest BMW “i” concepts.

BMW X Roadster Concept BMW X Roadster Concept

Among the design elements is an interesting interpretation of the trademark kidney grille and the visual contrasts between the metal body panels and the dark grey plastic surfaces of the front and rear fascias – mimicking an open mouth – and the roll bar area behind the seats.

BMW X Roadster Concept BMW X Roadster Concept


The retractable rear wing is deployed at high aspeed and also serves as an air brake.

BMW X Roadster Concept BMW X Roadster Concept

About the Designer

Aldo Schurmann is a third year of Transportation Design at IAAD in Turin Italy.

Contact Details:

(Image Courtesy: Aldo Schurmann)


Image Gallery

BMW X Roadster Concept - Image 14
BMW X Roadster Concept - Image 3
BMW X Roadster Concept - Image 4
BMW X Roadster Concept - Image 11
BMW X Roadster Concept - Image 9
BMW X Roadster Concept - Image 8
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  1. رعد الخلافة

    looooooool Audi R8

    (via Facebook)
  2. Guilherme Almeida

    Sorry but this looks exactly like an r8 with some changes on the front and back…all the proportions are very similar. :S

    (via Facebook)
  3. Antsa Ra Bess

    I like BMW but this one looks like R8

    (via Facebook)
  4. Kamil Kozłowski

    looks like R8

    (via Facebook)
  5. Rui Gigas Pinto

    the shape of it does look like r8

    (via Facebook)
  6. zito

    It sure looks like an Audi R8. The most important feature in designing a car, is that we must respect the brand’s design cues, which, in my opinion, are not there!

    • adrianride

      there is no respect anymore in the brands everybody is copying each other, but its looks like a R8 proportions.

  7. Just van den Boogaard

    It’s an R8 with a Seat front bumper cut and a BMW grille… Design ?

    (via Facebook)
  8. Design-commander

    There’s some weak designs coming from IAAD lately.

  9. Martin Hp

    I cant feel the spirit of BMW in here 🙂 and I dont like the design 🙂

    (via Facebook)
  10. RAL

    Yes, I agree with all above (and with all below, he he!!)

  11. MoyoSizwe

    I like the way it ‘looks at me’, apart from that I hope it performs better than the car it looks like.

  12. Francesco Di Giuseppe

    Modified R8 3D model maybe??
    Sometimes I wonder why these poor designs end up online, while really good designers don’t get this kind of visibility.

  13. SSeb

    Really good designers are not allowed to publish their designs under own names. Usually it is the Design Directors who take credit for the work of the team…

  14. dac

    from miles looks like r8 and is r8 just some layers reshaped

  15. WZR-Craft

    Oh MY!!! How can that fellow call it a BMW? it’s merely a R8 with a nose whole of BMW 7 series! stupid design.

  16. Toyonda93

    Walter de Silva (designer of Audi R8) is not gonna be pleased when he sees this :O


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