Peugeot Concept Sailboat

Boat and Yacht Design 14 Jun 2012
Peugeot Concept Sailboat

The Sailboat concept by Peugeot Design Lab is a vision of a 30-meter luxurious sailing yacht with a roof integrated in the monocoque structure.

This concept of a monocoque 30-meter sailing boat offers an original architecture which integrates the roof perfectly in the line of the shell, with very long flush glazed surfaces, providing an exceptional level of natural interior light, worthy of a loft.

Peugeot Concept Sailboat Peugeot Concept Sailboat

Peugeot Concept SailboatThe cabin spaces are positioned below the bridge, covered in wood.

The rigging is built in under the bridge, freeing space and allowing completely free and safe movement on the boat.

Automatic reels store the ropes, and electric winches allow fine control of the boat.

Its great simplicity in use and control delivers great pleasure and safety on board without sacrificing performance or style.

(Source: Peugeot Design Lab)

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