Mini Zero Concept

Mini Zero Concept

The MINI Zero Concept is a speculative study by former Senior Designer at BMW DesignworksUSA Sonny Lim, who proposes his vision for the third-generation model.

Mini Zero ConceptSonny Lim, a former Senior Designer at BMW DesignworksUSA in Singapore and author of the recently presented BMW i8 Concept, has created a study that embodies his vision for a third generation MINI, with the goal of evolving the current design language while staying true to the main iconic design characteristics.

The name ‘Zero’ expresses a ‘back to the origin’ approach, with an essential and basic entry level car positioned under the MINI ONE.

It also refers to “Zero schicki-micki” (trendy-fancy) as well as “zero fat” – the total weight would be just 840 kg, with a very good power-to-weight ratio without a large carbon footprint.

The exterior uses a clean and pure language, with no chromed or plastic details, conveying an authenticity inspired by the classic MINI.

Mini Zero Concept The designer explains “At 3571 mm it is slightly smaller than the MINI Cooper, but longer than the cancelled MINI Rocketman. Lately the MINI brand has been losing appeal and market share in the premium small-car segment due to competitors like the Audi A1, Fiat 500 and Citroën DS3. One of the criticisms is the playful styling of the current MINI, which often make the car look like a toy or a trendy fashion victim relying heavily on printed stickers or “limited editions” to differentiate.”

“The future generation of MINIs will be powered by a range of turbocharged three-cylinder engines (shared with BMW). The new MINI family is moving to the new modular F-platform which will also be shared with BMW’s front-wheel-drive models.”

“As a result, the new platform is also expected to give birth to a range of four-door MINIs in addition to the two-door variants. This will allow MINI to compete with cars such as the Audi A1 Sportback and the new Mercedes A-Class.”

For more information visit visit Sonny Lim’s page on Behance.

(Image Courtesy: Sonny Lim)


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  1. Riccardo Bordin
    (via Facebook)
  2. Daniel Tait

    Watch out for my mini concept popping up in a few weeks 🙂 exciting times.

    (via Facebook)
  3. Yuri

    Fantastic concept! I really really like it. It looks so much better than the current Mini Cooper!! I hope Mini takes note and brings something similar to production.

  4. 3/5/2012

    Ford Start’s cousin.

  5. 3/5/2012


  6. RAL

    The 3/4 front view is great but I agree with Riccardo: too much resemblance with Ford’s concept. The side view is almost the same!
    Come on!

  7. Mohamed Eissa

    Skoda was inspired by Mini 2nd generation while providing the current fabia, now Sonny Lim wants Mini not to be inspired but to copy Fabia’s roof for the 3rd generation.

  8. Richard

    I showed this to my girlfriend and she wanted to have this car immediately! This has to be to most efficient use of templates and Photoshop I’ve seen in a while. It probably took a couple of hours to illustrate the main idea and tell the story but the concept is on every major car website 🙂


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