“Car Design with Rhinoceros” Workshop in Barcelona

“Car Design with Rhinoceros” Workshop in Barcelona

Barcelona-based La Tienda del CAD has announced a 3-day Rhinoceros workshop on car design that will take place on July 23-25, 2012.

The workshop is oriented to designers and concept modelers who already have some experience with the modeling environment in Rhino and with conceptual modeling.

The classes will explain the main concepts on car design and how to implement and translate them into the 3D environment, teaching how to generate, edit, and evaluate models in a simplified manner.

Sure Design Toyota 2000 SR Concept by Jorge BioscaThe workshop will take place on 23, 24 and 25 of July, from 10AM to 2PM and from 3PM to 6PM, for a total of 21 hours.

The workshop instructor is Jorge Biosca, Cofounder of Valencia-based Sure Design studio and winner of the recent European ELVA Design Contest.

The classes will taught in English and will be limited to a maximum of 16 participants.

The standard price for students and professionals are 495€ and 595€ respectively, 18% VAT excluded.

Early registrations made until June 30th, 2012 will have a discounted price of 395€ /495€.

For more information visit visit Rhino 3D’s Blog or latiendadelcad.com. Below we report the full detailed program.

Car Design with Rhinoceros

Day 1: Prepare yourself

Modeling basis

  • Worm e Concept by Jorge Briosca Basic rules for modeling. Curve sketching similitudes.
  • Curve and Surface Degree. Control Points relationship
  • G0-G1-G2 Continuity. Control Points relationship
  • Creation tools. Classification considering their editing possibilities: Math heritage and historic properties
  • Analyzing tools. Getting feedback before editing, how to understand them. Curve-Surface graph, Zebra, Emap.
  • Editing tools. Matching, adjusting bulginess, drafting

Car Design basis

  • Nomenclature of car key elements:
    • Wheelbase-track
    • Belt line
    • Shoulder line
    • A-B-C Pillars
    • Front-Rear overhang
  • Volume typologies

Automotive design considerations

  • Attack angle
  • Ramp angle
  • A-B-C Pillars
  • Front vs Rear Engines
  • Wheel dimensions coded numbers
  • Interior basic ergonomic dimensions
  • Wheel arch requirements
  • Glass curvature. Front Windshield and side windows
  • Visibility

Day 2: Get into the first concept

  • Organize the Volume
    • Surface division
    • Curves in 3D
    • Main Surfaces with sharp corners, rough cage creation
    • Basic Surface sections
    • Projected Graphics
    • Modify Volume and proportions
  • Freezing Volume and start refining
    • Softening corners
    • Increase Surface section complexity
    • Blend surfaces
    • Shut lines and filleting
    • Lamps, air intakes
    • Text and logos placement
  • Surface Visualization: Texture maps and transparency maps.
  • Building a neutral surrounding for a better modeling experience.

Day3: One step further

  • VSR and Audi A9 Concept Case Study
  • Modeling of the Audi A9 Concept Sedan
    • Step by step project organization and creation
  • Using VSR Analysis tools for controlling the sections.
  • Visualizing with VSR RealTime Renderer
    • Applying materials
    • Place a Background
    • Create Variations

(Source: blog.rhino3d.com)

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