Chery @Ant Concept

Concept Cars 26 Apr 2012
Chery @Ant Concept

The @Ant Concept is a futuristic vehicle presented by Chery at Auto China 2012 and inspired by the structure and social interactions of ants.

Unveiled at the 2012 Beijing Auto Show along with the TX Concept, the @Ant proposes a vision for a future mobility where vehicles can be both virtually and physically interconnected.

The exterior features a two-seat passenger cell with scissor doors, with the front wheels separated from the main body – which takes inspiration from ants’ legs.

Chery @Ant Concept at Beijing 2012 Chery @Ant Concept at Beijing 2012

In order to share a part of the trip, two @Ants can physically connect to each other by means of a link between the rear wheels of the vehicle ahead and the hubless front wheels of the vehicle behind, which creates a single unit with fuel efficiency benefits.

Chery @Ant Concept Chery @Ant Concept Design Sketch

(Source: Chery,

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