Buick Ula Concept

New Designers 11 Apr 2012
Buick Ula Concept

The Buick Ula Concept is a design study of an amphibious vehicle composed of a lower rolling chassis and an upper boat pod. The author is Josh Henry from University of Cincinnati.

For the concept, Josh Henry took inspiration from his past internship at Florida-based Sea Ray Boats.

Buick Ula Concept - Design Sketches Buick Ula Concept

His goal was to develop an easy-access, non-intimidating recreational boat, combining a car and a trailer into a single unit, with a boat “pod” attached to it.

Buick Ula Concept - Design Sketches Buick Ula Concept

Targeted to female customers in the Miami area, the Concept features an open design, dynamic flowing surfaces and a water-themed white/light blue color scheme.

Buick Ula Concept 3D printed model Buick Ula Concept 3D printed model

The project was developed in Autodesk Alias and Rhino, while the final renderings were made by CG artist Michael Rule-Z Kotoff.

Buick Ula Concept 3D printed model Buick Ula Concept - Design Sketches

The scale model was entirely 3D printed. The main body pieces were created at University’s rapid prototype center with plaster powder, while the large transparent pieces where printed at online service i.materialise.com.

You can find the full article and interview on i.materialise.com.

About the Designer

Josh Henry is a junior student at the University of Cincinnati, in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

Contact Details:

(Source: Josh Henry, i.materialise.com)

Image Gallery

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Buick Ula Concept - Image 1
Buick Ula Concept - Image 12
Buick Ula Concept - Image 8
Buick Ula Concept - Image 10
Buick Ula Concept - Image 2
Buick Ula Concept - Image 11
Buick Ula Concept - Image 9

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  1. Johan Wejedal

    Love it! I only wish this kind of futurist cars would make it to the market sometime… Been waiting for them the last 27 years or so…

    (via Facebook)
  2. Niklas Wejedal

    very sympathic design, refreshingly free from old fashioned macho ideals

    (via Facebook)
  3. 12/4/2012

    Nice concept- I see a lot of effort went into creating this with great results.


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