Audi 2Lip Concept

New Designers 29 Feb 2012
Audi 2Lip Concept

The Audi 2Lip is a study of a futuristic vehicle for 2050 focused on offering easy access to the cabin to elderly people. The author is design student Davide Varenna.

The Audi 2Lip was created by Davide Varenna during the first semester of the Master of Transportation Design at the University of Pforzheim, Germany.

Audi 2Lip Concept Audi 2Lip Concept

The brief of the project was to create a vehicle for 2050, primarily intended for customers over 60 years old, but also desirable for a younger audience.

Audi 2Lip Concept The main focus of the vehicle is to offer easy access to the cabin.

This is achieved through an opening system inspired by flowers, which allows passengers to “walk into the cockpit” without any obstacle.

The front section of the car is made of transparent shape memory polymers that open like a flower to provide access.

Additionally, a large front platform moves downward, reducing the road clearance and providing an easy access also to disabled people. When passengers are seated, the stripes close softly around them.

Audi 2Lip Concept Design Sketch Audi 2Lip Concept Design Sketch

The cabin offers excellent visibility and extreme spaciousness, achieved by integrating all the mechanical parts in the large rear wheels.

Audi 2Lip Concept Audi 2Lip Concept

As Davide explains, “The external surfaces, based on the soft / strong contrast, are under visual tension by the large rear wheels, designed to promote ride comfort and dynamics for adults and children, more and more influential in grandparents’ purchasing decisions.”

About the Designer

Davide Varenna is a 22 year old design student currently attending the Master of Transportation Design at the University of Pforzheim, Germany.

Contact Details:

(Image Courtesy: Davide Varenna)


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  1. Nikola CarDesigner Milenkovic

    gotta love those ring-rims! 😀 very cool concept..

    (via Facebook)
  2. degruch

    Love the form, but looks incredibly difficult to get in and out of! LOL

  3. Mike Diggs

    ^ they should have some kind of hydrolic under the seat pushing the rider up as he wants to stand up to exit the car.

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