Isuzu T-Next Concept

Isuzu T-Next Concept

At the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show Isuzu has displayed a design study of a modern tractor unit focused on aerodynamic efficiency and safety.

The T-Next is a concept truck that proposes Isuzu’s vision of the future of high-speed logistics.

The exterior – based on the brand’s design identity “Clean, Solid, Emotional” – combines original elements such as the window graphics and the front openings with aerodynamic-focused elements like the rear view cameras and the sloped roof.

Isuzu T-Next Concept Isuzu T-Next Concept Interior

The interior, not visible in the static model on display at the Tokyo Show, features an advanced connectivity system with multi-functional devices and a steering column that can retracts during breaks from driving to maximize onboard comfort.

Isuzu T-Next Concept

(Source: Isuzu)


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  1. Voislav Andronescu

    Isuzu concept? Hahaha!… Look up Italian Car design from the 70’s, you’ll find it in there as part of their portfolio of futuristic designs. But after 40 years who would remember, right? So they copied it and relabeled it as an “Isuzu design”. That’s so… What’s the word? Oh, yes: Japanese!

    (via Facebook)
  2. Zsolt Mezőlaky

    The steep windscreen looks like, but how the lorry-driver stand up?

    (via Facebook)
  3. Simon Beie

    Jannik Becker sollte sich das mal an schauen 🙂

    (via Facebook)
  4. dracos

    Hi voislav, which models do you refer, as you say they copied?i’m curious and want to compare.


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