How to Draw Cars Now! DVD set

Automotive Design 14 Dec 2011
How to Draw Cars Now! DVD set

“How to Draw Cars Now!” is a two-disc instructional DVD set created by Arvind Ramkrishna from Driven Mavens. It focuses on both analog and digital car drawing techniques and can be supported via Kickstarter.

How to Draw Cars Now - Kickstarter ProductArvind Ramkrishna is an automotive designer with 13 years of experience, and is the author of Driven Mavens, an automotive design blog which features high quality video tutorials, mainly focusing on traditional car drawing techniques.

Following the requests of Driven Mavens’ community, he has just launched a Kickstarter project of an instructional DVD set called “How to Draw Cars Now! Analog Vs Digital Drawing Techniques”.

The Box Set includes nearly five hours of video content, as well as some digital and printed additional materials.

As Arvind explains, “How to Draw Cars Now! is an introductory course designed to help train you to acquire the fundamental drawing skills taught in some of the most prominent design schools in the country.”

The DVD Box Set contains two DVD discs, a 20 page Reference Book, a printed drawing schedule and three digital e-books.

How to Draw Cars Now - DVDs and book The course material is targeted to both design students and hobbyists, who will be guided from the basics of car drawing to the digital drawing and painting tools, with lectures on proportions, perspective and reflections as well as comparisons between traditional and digital techniques.

The project can be supported on Kickstarter, with different levels of pledges. The special introductory price for the full DVD Box Set is $40 (plus $15 for international shipping).

For more information check the official website or the Kickstarter page.

How to Draw Cars Now! – Box Set Contents

Disc 1

How to Draw Cars Now - Marker Rendering Corvette small Analog Drawing Techniques

  • Basic Sketching exercises
  • Applying Sketching techniques
  • Thumbnail sketching
  • Basics in Reflections
  • Proportion
  • Marker Rendering

Disc 2 Contents

  • Digital Tools
  • Work space setup
  • Simple Rendering
  • Intro Speed Painting
  • Digital painting
  • Bonus Content: 20 minute introduction to perspective

Digital Ebooks

  • Drive Mavens Top Blog posts
  • Intro to Value sketching
  • Intro to Proportions – with printable templates

(Image Courtesy: Arvind Ramkrishna)

Image Gallery

How to Draw Cars Now! DVD set - Image 1
How to Draw Cars Now! DVD set - Image 3
How to Draw Cars Now! DVD set - Image 4
How to Draw Cars Now! DVD set - Image 9
How to Draw Cars Now! DVD set - Image 5
How to Draw Cars Now! DVD set - Image 2
How to Draw Cars Now! DVD set - Image 6
How to Draw Cars Now! DVD set - Image 8
How to Draw Cars Now! DVD set - Image 7

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