Volkswagen eT! Concept

Concept Cars 18 Nov 2011
Volkswagen eT! Concept

Developed by Volkswagen Group Research with the German Post Office and the Braunschweig University of Art, the eT! Concept is a delivery vehicle with a semi-automatic driving mode.

Volkswagen eT! ConceptRevealed during an event at the Design Centre of Potsdam, the eT! Concept is an experimental vehicle that envisions the future of commercial transportation.

It features an all-electric powertrain with in-wheel motors – which maximizies the interior and loading area – and is capable of driving semi-automatically, leaving the passenger the ability to take control if necessary.

“The car can follow the delivery person from house to house (“Follow me”), or the car can return to the delivery person on command (“Come to me”) – driverless!”

“As an alternative, the driver can direct the car’s movements via a ‘drive stick’ from the passenger’s side that also offers a standing seat and quick access to the vehicle.”

Volkswagen eT! Concept Volkswagen eT! Concept Interior

Volkswagen eT! Concept Interior On the passenger’s side – the side that faces the sidewalk and therefore the working area of the delivery person – there is electrically opening sliding door that opens to 2 different stages, enaling quick entry into the vehicle as well as quick access to the mail parcels.

While the eT! was specially designed for delivery of mail shipments, the same idea and lightweight platform could be used to create different business uses.

Ad Volkswagen declared, the eT! is not a near-production vehicle, but it showcases solutions that could be see practical application within the second half of this decade.

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