Toyota FCV-R Concept

Concept Cars 16 Nov 2011
Toyota FCV-R Concept

The Toyota FCV-R is a study of midsize hatchback powered by a fuel cell powertrain, that previews the launch of a production model expected for 2015.

Toyota FCV-R ConceptTogether with the FT-EV II and the Fun-Vii Concepts, at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show Toyota will unveil the FCV-R Concept (Fuel Cell Vehicle – Reality & Revolution), a 4.7 meters long family vehicle that showcases the latest evolution of the company’s fuel cell technology, and “represents the next step towards the commercial launch of a Toyota fuel cell vehicle by 2015.”

The design is characterized by aerodynamic lines deeply influenced by the Prius, with the sweeping arched silhouette and the straight, sharp character line running along the flanks.

Toyota FCV-R Concept

Compared to the production model, the overhangs are stretched and characterized by distinctive wheel arches.

Both the front and rear end use a similar surface treatment, with a large trapezoidal element at the bottom (the front grille/rear diffuser) upright lights and L-shaped side openings that frame the whole sections.

The fuel-cell unit is located beneath the specifically designed bodyshell, which allows the FCV-R to transport up to four passengers and to provide impressive luggage space.

The fuel cell stack features a 70 MPa high-pressure hydrogen tank, and has been improved to provide a range of approximately 430 miles (under the Japanese JC08 test cycle).

Toyota FCV-R Concept front end detail Toyota FCV-R Concept

The interior features the by now trendy hi-tech white-blue color scheme, accented with chromed details and dark grey surfaces of the door panels and roof lining.

Toyota FCV-R Concept Interior Toyota FCV-R Concept Interior

The dashboard is defined by horizontal lines and integrates several displays, including a curved touch screen at the center, complemented by the display attached to the rear armrest.

Toyota FCV-R Concept Interior Toyota FCV-R Concept Interior

The seats make use of light blue and light grey distinctive fabrics. Additional details are expected to be released closer to the official debut at the upcoming 2011 Tokyo Motor Show.

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