Suzuki Regina Concept

Concept Cars 9 Nov 2011
Suzuki Regina Concept

Debuting at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show, the Suzuki Regina Concept is a study of a next-generation compact car aimed at maximizing efficiency through lightweight construction and aerodynamic performance.

Suzuki Regina ConceptWith the Regina Concept, Suzuki proposes its vision for the global compact car of the future: at just 730 kg in weight, it is as light as a minicar, and  its drag coefficient is claimed to be 10% lower than the average current models.

As a result the car – which is powered by a small gasoline engine – achieves a fuel economy of 32 km/l and low emissions of 70 g/km.

The exterior design is driven by aerodynamic requirements.

Suzuki Regina Concept Among the features are the semi-covered rear wheels, the small rear view cameras and the crease lines running along the flanks, that guide the air flows up to the tapered rear end.

Distinctive styling elements include the white color of the roof which contrasts with the bright green of the body, a hue that underlines the green credentials of the car.

The interior uses the same white-green color scheme – combined with dark grey plastic surfaces – and showcases a minimalistic approach combined with curved lines.

Suzuki Regina Concept Interior Suzuki Regina Concept Interior

A distinctive feature of the cabin is the center panel display assembly, consisting of a tilted transparent element attached on the center tunnel by means of a multi-function knob, looking like a bolt.

Suzuki Regina Concept Design Sketch Suzuki Regina Concept Interior

The display is matched by a center-positioned instrument panel and by the reverse U-shaped steering wheel.

Both the seat fabrics and the floor lining feature a green, pixellated pattern that hints at the eco-friendly and digital technologies.

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  1. Branimir Schäffer Mandaric

    Looks (to me) like mixture of new Trabant Concept and Citroen Revolt thoe the interior is original and intresting…

    (via Facebook)
  2. 'Timeshifter' Adam

    It looks weird… I like it 😀

    (via Facebook)
  3. dvillalba3d

    It looks way too french.

    Its white roof reminds me of the Citroen Ami.
    The color choice and plastic like appearance reminds me of yet another Citroen the Mehari.
    Its C pillar reminds me of another french theme, this one started by Renault with its Koleos (the prototype from the 2000, not the infamous SUV).
    And its tail lamps reminds me of the 1998 Renault Vel Satis.

    Even the interior wouldn’t be out of place at a modern day Mehari.

    All in all, it looks to me, like a homage to french design rather than a serious proposal. for it carries 0% of Suzuki DNA.

    • 10/11/2011

      My thoughts exactly! No Suzuki language in here at all! At first glance- a confused Citroen.

  4. Branimir Schäffer Mandaric

    I agree it looks like retro concept some cheap East German car combined with some typical Citroen characteristics. They should keep developing style they showed on Suzuki Kizashi Concept; sport, elegant, very dynamic. Im affraid if they keep doing concepts like Regina they should rather hire italian designer (Pininfarina/Bertone/Zagato/Giugiaro). People often ask whats for the car concepts and studies if they almost never end up in serial production? The are made to improve the brand image, and sometimes if there is great interest for some concept there is a chance they will give green light for production. I think Regina Concept will do the contrary, the concept is good enough for some No Name brand from some small country that has afinity to make cars – NOT for Suzuki.

    (via Facebook)
  5. Toh Cw

    agree with CBD

    (via Facebook)


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