Suzuki Q-Concept

Concept Cars 10 Nov 2011
Suzuki Q-Concept

Debuting at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show, the Suzuki Q-Concept is an original urban vehicle with ultra-compact dimensions and a 1+1 seating layout.

Defined by Suzuki as a new kind of mobility solution, positioned between a conventional motorcycle and a car, the Q-Concept has an overall length of just 2.5 meters.

Suzuki Q-Concept Suzuki Q-Concept Design Sketch It can transport two people arranged in a 1+1 tandem layout and the rear seat can be easily replaced with two small rear seats for children or removed to leave space for a large cargo area, to serve as a delivery vehicle.

Suzuki Q-Concept

The design used combines a high-tech feel with a friendly look made of strong circular graphic elements and bright colors.

Among the distinctive design elements are the circular doors, which open by swiveling around the front-positioned pivot point.

The rear side window is contoured by a thick frame which forms a panel that slightly slide up and rearward to facilitate access to the rear seat.

The covered wheels are visually detached from the main volume and – together with the lower section of body – are colored in white, providing a strong contrast with the orange paintwork.

The cabin is very bright, thanks to the dominating white tone and the large glass areas – including a panoramic windshield and roof and two lower side windows.

Suzuki Q-Concept Interior Suzuki Q-Concept Interior

The light tones and transparent surfaces also help to disguise the very compact dimensions, increasing the passengers’ comfort and well-being.

The interior design keeps on the circular graphic theme and features a spherical dashboard element, which integrates the H-shaped steering wheel and HUD-inspired instrument panel.

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