Honda IH Concept

Concept Cars 2 Nov 2011
Honda IH Concept

At the 2011 LA Auto Show Design Challenge Honda will present the IH (Intelligent Horse) Concept, a futuristic all-terrain vehicle for a post-apocalyptic wild west-inspired world.

For the 2011 Edition of the Los Angeles Design Challenge, designers at Honda Research and Development Center have imagined a dystopian scenario: a distant future hundreds of years from now, in a world disrupted by the impact of a gigantic comet in 2012.

Honda IH Concept Design Sketch

Technology has been wiped out, but scientists have been capable of using fragments of information to create an all-terrain vehicle to travel across the hot, dry and dangerous environments.

Honda IH Concept Rendering Honda IH Concept Rendering

Honda IH Concept Rendering The IH (Intelligent Horse) vehicle features a mix of futuristic technology and rétro-inspired elements.

The wheels have been replaced by an array of horse hooves-inspired components that allow to move across all kind of terrains, while the body has an essential design, with no side doors and no glass windows.

The open, single seater cockpit has no instrument panel, as the vehicle can be controlled using leather reins.

Honda IH Concept Design Sketch This, in conjunction with the horse saddle-inspired leather seat, visually connects the IH Concept with the wild west world, used by designers as a visual inspiration for the project presentation, and makes the concept fit in the design challenge theme, which was to create a movie car for the Hollywood industry: in this case, the hypothetical feature film is a western titled “High Noon”.

Design Team

  • Design Team: Wojtek Bachleda, Taryn Dyle, Raj Rihal
  • Movie: High Noon

Official Press Release

Honda IH Concept Design Poster Honda takes us hundreds of years into the future to a world disrupted by the impact of a gigantic comet.

The resulting heat and drought have wiped out technology, infrastructure and life as we know it, making it imperative for the few remaining survivors to recover faster than any human generation before.

The few scientists have created a vehicle that serves as a companion and protector in the inhospitable and lonely environment.

Their inspiration – the legend and material remains of an ancient creature called the horse.

A masterpiece of technology, the Honda IH symbolizes a breakthrough in terms of mobility and companionship in an inhumane, hot, dry and dangerous environment.

The vehicle takes advantage of three key elements which will emerge in the near future: local production, artificial intelligence and additive technology.

Honda IH Concept Rendering The vehicle uses the efficient, lightweight, strong, and functional characteristics of bones for its inspiration.

A.I. technology and nanotechnology gives everybody the power to produce material resources and parts for the vehicle locally.

Additive technology is a revolutionary attempt to produce very small or especially very large parts in a more efficient way to save weight and resources while improving the strength and flexibility of the product.

The IH vehicle combines both the character and simplicity of a horse with the latest structural, safety and technological innovation.

At High Noon the dangerous environment is apparent when there is a showdown between IH’s competing for fuel and other resources. The most creative will prevail.

(Source: Honda)

Image Gallery

Honda IH Concept - Image 1
Honda IH Concept - Image 2
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Honda IH Concept - Image 9
Honda IH Concept - Image 3
Honda IH Concept - Image 7
Honda IH Concept - Image 8
Honda IH Concept - Image 4
Honda IH Concept - Image 6

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