Honda AC-X Concept

Concept Cars, News 11 Nov 2011
Honda AC-X Concept

At the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show Honda will present the AC-X Concept, a study of a next-generation plug-in hybrid vehicle focused on passengers’ comfort and two driving modes.

Honda AC-X ConceptHonda has released the first images and details on the AC-X Concept, a plug-in hybrid family car that builds on the design and proportions of the 2007 FCX Clarity.

The exterior is strongly characterized by a design driven by the search for maximum aerodynamic efficiency and by the trademark styling cues of the brand.

Among the distinctive features are the two available operating modes: the engine drive mode, for a more aggressive driving, and an automatic drive mode, focused on comfort and relax.

Honda AC-X Concept While details on the technology are still scarce at the moment, the photos offer clear indications on the design of the car.

As with many recent concepts, the advanced technological content is underlined by the combination of the white paintwork with blue LED accents that appear on the front fascia, the dynamic line that runs across the flanks, the low-positioned daytime running lights and the wheels, which integrate transparent covers aimed at optimizing the air flows by reducing turbolence.

Honda AC-X Concept Interior Honda AC-X Concept Interior

The interior adopts a more futuristic approach, where the high-tech feel is achieved through a mix of tones and materials.

Honda AC-X Concept Driving Mode Honda AC-X Concept Automatic Driving Mode
The engine drive mode (left) and the automatic drive mode (right)

The white-blue color scheme of the cabin is very consistent with the exterior, and features a strong contrast with the black displays and the warm grey surfaces of the floor and seat rear panels.

Honda AC-X Concept Wheel Cover Honda AC-X Concept Charging Meter Honda AC-X Concept Automatic Driving Mode

Among the futuristic elements is the airplane yoke-inspired controls, which integrate a LCD and a HUD display and can retract when operating in automatic driving mode.

Image Gallery

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Honda AC-X Concept - Image 7
Honda AC-X Concept - Image 2
Honda AC-X Concept - Image 12
Honda AC-X Concept - Image 10

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