Ferrari Millenio Concept

New Designers 14 Nov 2011
Ferrari Millenio Concept

The Ferrari Millennio Concept is a design study of a futuristic electric vehicle that proposes a new aesthetic approach inspired by the architecture world. The author is Marko Petrovic from Serbia.

With his Millenio Concept, Marko Petrovic, who completed the Master in transportation design at Milan-based Domus Academy in 2010, proposes a vision for a new aesthetics in automotive design.

As he explains, while the technological aspects of cars are rapidly changing, the evolution of the visual design languages appears much slower.

Ferrari Millennio Concept Ferrari Millennio Concept

Taking inspiration from the architecture field, where new projects often push the boundaries of possible, Marko envisions an approach based on the use of different shapes, optical illusions (with materials and colors) and complex forms, combined in a balanced and proportioned whole – almost a “mechanical” version of the human body.

Ferrari Millennio Concept Design Sketches Ferrari Millennio Concept Design Sketches

With the Ferrari Millenio he applies these principles to an extreme electric sportscar equipped with two motors and featuring advanced materials such as Buckypaper, a thin sheet made from an aggregate of carbon nanotubes, which is 10 times lighter and over 500 times stronger than steel.

Ferrari Millennio Concept Design Sketches Ferrari Millennio Concept Design Sketches

The design – partly influenced by Ferrari’s world park in Abu Dhabi – is characterized by a intricate interplay of different surfaces, textures and materials.

Both the front and the rear end are inspired by the lines of the Italian carmaker’s models, reinterpreted with a mix of different elements.

Ferrari Millennio Concept Ferrari Millennio Concept

Among these are the front headlights, which have a complex look and seem to be floating, conveying the idea of a very elaborate assembly process which contributes to the exclusivity of the car.

About the Designer

Marko Petrovic is 27 years old designer from Serbia. He completed the Master in transportation design at Domus academy (Milan) in the year 2009/2010.

After graduation he did an internship at Milan-based Changed design studio and worked with several design studios in the field of industrial, transportation (yacht design), product and fashion design.

He is currently in the process of opening his own studio (“MarkDesign Studio”) in Serbia, to focus on trends and new design directions in the field of transportation, industrial and interior design.

Contact Details:

(Image Courtesy: Marko Petrovic)

Image Gallery

Ferrari Millenio Concept - Image 3
Ferrari Millenio Concept - Image 7
Ferrari Millenio Concept - Image 9
Ferrari Millenio Concept - Image 1
Ferrari Millenio Concept - Image 8
Ferrari Millenio Concept - Image 6
Ferrari Millenio Concept - Image 10
Ferrari Millenio Concept - Image 13
Ferrari Millenio Concept - Image 4

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